Obama’s Divine Appointment—Escape from Guantanamo Bay!

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Could the events of today have been foreshadowed over eight hundred years ago by an obscure Irish Monk?

Never mind it took an act of Congress that was signed by a United States president to formally break ties with Cuba and establish an embargo against that Communist dictatorship. Never mind that in order to undo this embargo, it would require another act of Congress to normalize America’s relationship with the Castro Brothers’ island fiefdom. Since when has the rule of law stood in the way of this rogue administration?


Before President Obama was elected to the Office of President of the United States, he made a promise to the Marxist arm of the Democrat Party that he would close the Guantanamo Naval base in Cuba. However, the sober reality of the necessity of Guantanamo was an inconvenient truth. The quagmire that is Guantanamo became more of a sore spot than it already was with this Machiavellian presidency. He wants it closed—most Americans want it open—to keep those dangerous al-Qaeda terrorists off American soil.

What to do? What to do?

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Enter the End Times Pope predicted by the seventh-century monk, St Malachy. St. Malachy was a 12th century Irish monk who, while on a pilgrimage in Rome, had a vision regarding prophetic information about the next 112 Popes. We will not debate his accuracy, albeit St. Malachy’s predictions are very uncanny including his prophesying the exact month, day and year of his own death.

According to St. Malachy, the last pope was to be a pope by the name of, Pope Petrus Romanus. When Pope Francis was elected to the office of Pope last year on March 13, he made it a point to avoid the name of Peter. According to Catholic tradition, the first pope was St. Peter and no pope since then has used that name. So it seems that Pope Francis avoided the name of Peter which was predicted by St. Malachy—or did he?

The name of Francis was used in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. Of course, Assisi was not his last name, but the name of the city from where he resided. (We see the same thing with Leonardo da Vinci, or Leonardo from Vinci). However, when we take a closer look at St. Francis’ name, we find his middle name was Petrus (Peter) and because the pope resides in Rome (Romanus), it would be accurate to say that the full name adopted from St. Francis is, Pope Francis Petrus Romanus.

Considering how diligent the Pope was to avoid any connection to the name, Peter of Rome, we find this to be more than just a coincidental curiosity! We have shared this background information to explain how the last pope would oversee many troubling events and actually experience the war of Armageddon—and there is every reason to believe that Pope Francis Petrus Romanus could very well be the last pope predicted over 400 years ago by St. Malachy. Enter Pope Francis Petrus Romanus’ involvement with President Obama in a papal intrigue that previously never occurred at this level in matters of governing the United States of America.

As we stated earlier, President Obama has this red herring hung around his neck regarding the closing of Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. He wants the wholesale removal of the al-Qaeda terrorists and to close the base—but how?

In an Internet article by “astro AWANI” on Monday December 16, we are informed that on that day, Pope Francis Petrus Romanus has offered to assist the Obama administration in closing this nemesis of the American Marxist Left. Pope Francis Petrus Romanus stated that he would “help find adequate humanitarian solutions through our international contacts.” He continued, “These abuses will only stop if the international community firmly commits to recognizing …. the principle of placing human dignity above all else.” The Pope also took a page from Senator not-so-Feinstein and the Marxist left when he stated, “The pope made clear his feelings on the kind of abuses associated with Guantanamo in October, when he railed against the “penal populism” that led to countries facilitating torture, using the death penalty and incarcerating people without trial.”

Abuses—what abuses? The halal prepared culinary delights or the clean facilities along with American supplied Muslim prayer rugs and approved copies of the Qur’an as well as Islamic constructed gym equipment and regulation size soccer field to name a few of our alleged abuses against these hapless murderers of innocent bystanders?

In the same article we are informed that “For Guantanamo to be closed, Obama will have to persuade Congress to accept the transfer of this group to US facilities, which currently looks unlikely according to most observers of the US political scene.”

Dateline Washington, DC, December 18, 2014: President Obama once again—with the help of Pope Francis Petrus Romanus—bypasses Congress and thumbs his nose at the Constitution by acting unilaterally in an effort to normalize relations with the Communist nation and its dictators, the Castro brothers, in an unprecedented step of arrogance. According to FOX News, “Cuban President, Raul Castro, said in a nationally broadcast speech that he welcomes the restoration of relations with the United States, ‘Even though the embargo measures have become law, the president of the United States can modify its implementation using his executive power ….’ ” We have heard on various news outlets that the United States will once again establish a U.S. Embassy on Cuban soil.

A grateful Obama opined, “‘In particular I want to thank his holiness Pope Francis, whose moral example shows us the importance of pursuing the world as it should be,’ Obama said during his speech on Wednesday, ‘rather than simply settling for the world as it is.’”

What possibly could the United States of America give in exchange for the re-establishment of an embassy on Cuban soil? Perhaps Obama could give them Guantanamo Naval Base as a gesture of friendship and thereby kill two birds with one stone. By establishing a new “covenant with the devil,” Obama would be able to not only bypass Congress and set up a new embassy on Cuban soil, but also close Guantanamo Base as well. For Obama it would appear to be a win-win situation at the expense of our Democracy.

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Dr. J.P. Sloane
As a student of world history and theology, Dr. J.P. Sloane has researched various religions, sects and cults in order to understand how they interact, and influence each other and others. Dr. Sloane graduated from: Purdue University, The Institute of Charismatic Studies at Oral Roberts University, The Moody Bible Institute, and The Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. He earned a B.A., Summa Cum Laude, from The Master’s College where he studied at their IBEX campus in Israel and earned an M.A. in Counseling. At the Trinity Theological Seminary he earned two doctorates one of which is a Ph.D. With Distinction, in Religious Studies (World Religions).

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