Democrat Dream: Conservatives Crushing Cruz

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Almost two years ago, James Carville, Democrat strategist and Bill Clinton adviser, said of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas):  “I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years.”   More recently, Carville was even more effusive, calling Cruz “whip smart,” and “as educated a guy as you can be.” Carville added:  “Ted Cruz to a lot of people says what they’re thinking in a very articulate way. He has great command of the language.”

It is probably wise to question Carville’s motives, assuming he doth praise too much, likely for underhanded reasons, given his political opposition, yet Carville is not alone in his praise.  In an interview last April, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz (noted Democrat) referred to Cruz, his former student, as “Off-the-charts brilliant.”

It is no secret Cruz is glad to confront Obama head on just as he is willing to fight Republicans he views as constitutional sellouts.  Cruz has had many a dust up with Republicans over the budget, spending, executive orders, amnesty, foreign policy and ObamaCare, reminding his adversaries it is no crime to keep his oath, working to protect and defend the Constitution.

In an age of backroom deals, political corruption, and lust for power to the exclusion of public service, Cruz is the burr in many a saddle blanket, on both sides of the aisle, something of a modern day Mr. Smith of Jimmy Stewart fame.

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What Carville says of Cruz is true, he speaks the language of many Americans looking for a champion of traditional values and fundamental constitutional principles.  So it is disquieting in the least when conservatives start nipping at Cruz, accusing him of alienating people, or risking Republican fortunes, like Thomas Sowell and Ann Coulter.

Sowell and Coulter once praised Cruz, but this changed months ago.   Coulter, who angered many conservatives by backing Christie, then pushing Romney, tells us Cruz should focus on fighting Democrats and leave RINOs alone, that is, if the goal is defeating ObamaCrats. In a column a year ago Sowell warned that Cruz is too divisive and self-serving, that efforts to aggressively confront Obama at the expense of Republican unity will result in Republican defeat.  Rand Paul, Mitt Romney and Charles Krauthammer have leveled similar criticisms, but assuredly, Sen. Cruz and his conservative critics agree more than they disagree.

Cruz does not strike me as either selfish or irresponsibly divisive.  Rather, he states the principles of classical conservatism in a clear and consistent voice.  He confronts error wherever he finds it, a true champion of liberty. No wonder he bothers people, especially the corrupt and the treasonous and the truly self-serving.  The fact he drives them nuts is his vindication. I’ve yet to meet a cockroach who loves the lamp lighter. He was brilliant confronting Dianne Feinstein on gun control.  Notice: he won, and she flipped.

Sowell and Coulter should remember real change is won through hard fought battles based on principle, not by perceived political expedience, diving for the comfortable middle or the squishy ‘center.’  (There was no safe center to run to in 1776, in 1861, in 1941, or during the Cold War, and there is no worthy middle ground today.) The critics should also be reminded of Reagan’s 11th Commandment, especially when commenting on a contemporary figure most closely aligned with Reagan.

Americans love a fighter, especially in times of crisis.  Americans hunger for a strong leader who will not break the law, build a throne, lie to them or compromise core values.  Instead of sniping at Ted Cruz, we’d be wise to rally to him, and those like him who courageously fight for American renewal—-liberty, and justice, for all.

It is strange seeing conservatives endorse do-nothing RINOs in the name of unity, then denigrate Tea Party activists in the name of unity, calling that the road to progress and victory.  Some people, including Reagan, might call that . . . just plain stupid.  How many times will we nominate a moderate to lead us to defeat before we wise up? And how many times will we turn on each other, giving the real enemy more room to maneuver?

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