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In May 1862, Gen. Richard Taylor’s brigade of Louisiana troops was assigned to the command of Gen. Stonewall Jackson, whose taciturn nature and Calvinist theology were closely related phenomena.

Taylor’s brigade made a long and rapid march to join Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley, covering 26 miles on the day they reached their camp near Conrad’s Store. Taylor went to report to Jackson, finding him seated on a rail fence. Taylor recounted the conversation in his memoirs:

A low gentle voice inquired the road and distance marched that day.

Taylor: “Keezleton road, six-and-twenty miles.”

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Jackson: “You seem to have no stragglers.”

Taylor: “Never allow straggling.”

Jackson: “You must teach my people; they straggle badly.”

Just then, one of the regimental bands in Taylor’s brigade struck up a waltz, and the cheerful Louisiana troops commenced to dance, as was their habit. Jackson had been sucking on a lemon and paused to remark: “Thoughtless fellows for serious work.”

However “thoughtless” they may have been, when it came time for the “serious work” of fighting, those Louisiana fellows were fearless. They sustained some of the heaviest casualties in some of the fiercest fighting of the war. Their high spirits in camp — “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” — were an expression of the high morale they showed on the battlefield.

This is to remind you that, as much as we joke about “political correctness,” the Culture War is quite real and quite serious, and our antagonists are unscrupulous monsters whose shameless dishonesty is exceeded only by their sadistic cruelty. Every day, they strive to destroy all opposition:

Dr. Mark Gilfillan, professor of Jewish History in Northern Ireland’s Ulster University, has raised the ire of local liberals and is being investigated by the university, even though his contract with the university has already expired. This investigation arose because he has recently criticized homosexuality on Facebook.

Lesbian Rachel Kane was arguing with a Christian friend of his about a Christian baker refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding, which turned into a debate on homoeroticism in general, and when Gilfillan brought in statistics and hard evidence, Kane took screencaps and sent them to various homosexual activist groups and Ulster University officials.

Transsexual activist Dr. Eve Jeffrey, a lecturer in Theater Studies at Queen’s University Belfast, and journalist Deborah McAleese, who has previous been called “Northern Ireland’s worst journalist” have further sought to amplify the scandal.

You can read the whole thing. Especially notice the point at which Jeffrey e-mailed Gilfillan to gloat: “Congratulations: You are now unemployable.”

This is how it is now in higher education: No one can be permitted to criticize the LGBT movement. Period.

So, yes, we can laugh — we must maintain a spirit of cheerful courage — but remember this is serious work.

(Hat-tip: @SeverEnergia on Twitter.)

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