Perversion Rising: ‘Book of Yeezus’ Replaces God With Rap Star Kanye West

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There’s no lack of controversial Bible translations. The New International Version came under fire in 2011 for using gender-neutral language. The New American Bible also made headlines in 2011 for how it referred to the Virgin Mary.

Perhaps the most offensive translation so far is the Queen James Bible, known as the Gay Bible, which argues that “homosexuality was first mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version” and “anti-LGBT Bible interpretations commonly cite only eight verses in the Bible that they interpret to mean homosexuality is a sin.”

Now, we see a “Kanye West” version of God’s Word, which effectively removes any and all mention of God’s name, hitting the market. The “Book of Yeezus” publishers are setting up West, a Grammy-winning rapper who offended many by kicking off his “Yeezus” album tour by inviting a Jesus impersonator on stage as God.

The Book of Yeezus replaces every mention of God and Yeshua with Kanye and Yeezus. Here’s an example of the language: “In the beginning Kanye created the heaven and the earth … And Kanye said, Let there be light: and there was light.” I’m not sure what the publishers did with the Holy Spirit, but this is blasphemous enough without involving the Third Person of the Trinity.

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The Book of Yeezus

If the Bible, the most singularly significant publication in the ancient canon of Western tradition, were updated to reflect our modern society, what would it look like? In a world according to this opportunistic publisher, it would look like the Book of Yeezus.

“The Book of Yeezus is a creative vision, bound in a gold leaf-etched, illustrated, black leather book that details the story of Genesis–for the new age. In its foreword, we explore our culture’s state of religiosity and its capacity for wonder,” marketing language around the Bible reads.

“How does spirituality, an evolutionary reflex, manifest in a digitized world? Why does Kanye West take such outsized significance in the lives of many? The Book of Yeezus is an interventionist art, coffee-table novelty, that will appeal to Kanye fans everywhere and those made curious by this enormous cultural phenomenon.”

Mocking God’s Word

The Book of Yeezus is not art or novelty. It’s foolish and blasphemous. The website, which features a photo of the 37-year-old West glaring at onlookers, urges visitors to buy with the line, “20 Dolla, 20 Dolla, Get ’em while they hot!”

Apparently, that’s quite the bargain in post-modern America. Etsy, a platform on which the publisher is selling the book, says, “We’ve gotten a helluva lotta orders.” The publisher asked consumers to be patient in waiting for their copy: “Moses walked through the desert for 40 years. A few extra days ain’t much.” More mockery of God’s Word.

The publishers made it clear that they are not affiliated with the famous rapper, but West has not come out against the faux Bible. The publishers describe themselves as “three entrepreneurial brothers with a special interest in mass society and its effects on our worldview and imagination”—and have the audacity to describe this Book of Yeezus as a “Holy Bible.”

Tsunami of Perversion Rising

Some months ago, the Lord gave me a prophetic word about a tsunami of perversion rising in our nation. When you think of perversion you probably immediately think of sexual perversion—and I believe that’s part of it. But as I processed the prophecy in prayer, I realized it was a perversion of God’s Word itself.

You’ve seen a trickle of this, but it’s about to break out like a flood. We’re seeing prominent pastors and entire denominations perverting God’s Word, twisting it to defend and justify perversion itself and suggesting the rest of us are legalistic or unenlightened about the truth.

Last week, I wrote about LGBT activists with a “gay vision” who are peddling paintings of Jesus as a homosexual—a false Christ and a false gospel. I submit to you that this Book of Yeezus is one more anti-Christ agenda to abuse the Word of God. Folks, it’s time to hold tightly the your Bible.

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