Obama Suffers from Truth Decay

By Tony Perkins

It’s a good thing President Obama doesn’t work for NBC — or else he might have been suspended for lying too! Like the NBC’s Brian Williams, voters would have a difficult time narrowing down all the untruths to one. This President has told so many whoppers that Burger King should name a sandwich after him! David Axelrod, a former political advisor, spilled the beans about one of the President’s most unconvincing fibs in his new book, Believer.

Although it was no secret to anyone who followed Obama’s early career, the candidate-and-later-President was fully on board with same-sex “marriage” from Day 1. Before he was an Illinois senator, the up-and-coming Democrat was clear on a questionnaire about where he stood — only to change his position when it wasn’t politically advantageous.

Now, Axelrod is forcing the President out of the closet on his motivations, saying that he deliberately compromised just to advance his career. “If Obama’s views were ‘evolving’ publicly,’ they were fully evolved behind closed doors,” David wrote.

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In particular, the former top advisor said, the African-American community’s overwhelming support for natural marriage drove the decision to hide his true colors. “Opposition to gay marriage was particularly strong in the black church, and as he ran for higher office, he grudgingly accepted the counsel of more pragmatic folks like me, and modified his position…” But even now, when he has the opportunity to come clean, the President is still trying to keep up the façade, insisting that Axelrod “is mixing up my personal feelings with my position on the issue.”

Americans might have given the “if-you-like-your-plan-you-can-keep-it” President the benefit of the doubt before, but not after a trail of tales that makes even Pinocchio seem honest. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us 16 times, and you become almost irrelevant.

Unfortunately, this President hasn’t exactly staked his legacy on honesty. From Benghazi, taxpayer-funded abortion, and ObamaCare to Fast and Furious, religious liberty, and executive authority, it’s become more difficult to find instances when the President has told the truth. The facts are such a foreign concept in this White House that even left-leaning PolitiFact has logged more than four pages of lies from this President. And we wonder why the American people are so cynical about politics! In this case, the President’s “evolution” was a not-so-intelligent design.

Of course, President Obama is right about one thing in this litany of falsehoods: supporting natural marriage is a winning political strategy. And it continues to be, as more states and leaders push back on the courts’ agenda to redefine marriage. In conjunction with National Marriage Week, the House and Senate are both introducing legislation to stem the attack on federalism at the states’ borders. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Congressman Randy Weber (R-Texas), who both introduced the State Marriage Defense Act this time last year, know these bills have never been more important — especially on the eve of the Supreme Court arguments this spring.

“Even though the Supreme Court made clear in United States v. Windsor that the federal government should defer to state ‘choices about who may be married,'” Cruz said, “the Obama administration has disregarded state marriage laws enacted by democratically-elected legislatures to uphold traditional marriage.”

In the House, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kans.) is taking a different tact, offering a federal amendment that would define marriage as the union of a man and woman in the U.S. Constitution. Dozens had done exactly that until the courts intervened and doubled the number of states with same-sex “marriage” to 37 since last October. Of course, that exposes one of the media’s lies, which is that Americans have evolved right along with the President. Voters only approved his radical position on marriage in three of those 37 states. Fortunately for FRC and a majority of conservatives, we never believed in evolution anyway!

Tony Perkins is president of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council. He is a former member of the Louisiana legislature where he served for eight years, and he is recognized as a legislative pioneer for authoring measures like the nation’s first Covenant Marriage law.

(Via FRC’s Washington Update. Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.)

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