Muslim Journalist’s Twitter Account Deleted after He Criticized Irish Vote for Same-Sex Marriage

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By J.E. Dyer

One of Liberty Unyielding’s all-time top click magnets is a post by Howard Portnoy from March 2014, in which he recounted the story of a Muslim barber in Toronto who didn’t want to serve a lesbian woman who came in for a hair cut.

The owner and his barbers adhered to their religious belief that they shouldn’t touch women other than their wives or other family members.  The would-be customer filed a complaint with the provincial human rights authorities of Ontario.  And the classic question about the hierarchy of victimhood — whose rights trump whose? — has remained unresolved here at LU ever since.

The “rights” complaint was resolved between the barber and the lesbian in a confidential filing.  So we don’t have the help of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal in settling this question.

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But Friday’s referendum on same-sex marriage in Ireland may provide us with a navigation point toward the answer. The Irish electorate voted, with about a 60% majority, to approve same-sex marriage. Activists are ecstatic.

Not so ecstatic was British Muslim journalist Faisal Hanif, a reporter for the UK Times.  Under his Twitter handle FHanif43, he reacted to the news of the Irish vote with a curmudgeonly tweet…

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