Pakistani Christians Mourn Deadly Church Attacks

By Gary Lane

CBN News — The Christian community in Pakistan is in mourning Monday following Islamic attacks on two churches that left 14 people dead and more than 70 injured.

Christians gathered in protest throughout Pakistan as their tiny minority community prepared to bury the dead.

On Sunday, suicide bombers blew themselves up near two churches in the city of Lahore as Christians gathered for worship. The blasts occurred in quick succession in a Christian neighborhood known as Youhanabad.

Joseph Francis survived one of the bombings. He said the first blast occurred at a Catholic church where security was tight.

“Second attack was the Church of Pakistan, Christ Church, and two person is arrested at the moment,” he said. “[They are] Pathan (Pashtun), so many people is injured. Personally, three dead bodies I can see in the Church of Pakistan (Christ Church). Mostly people is injured.”

Christians took to the streets immediately after the bombings, demanding justice and an end to the targeting of their communities.

“We demand the government to provide protection to all places of worship of all religions, including Muslim prayer places,” Father Bernard Yousus Bhatti, a local Christian community leader, said.

“In Pakistan, minorities are insecure and we want security. We are well wishers of Pakistan and loyal to the country,” he added.

But instead of awaiting legal justice, some of the angry Pakistani protesters took matters into their own hands, burning to death one of the suspected bombing accomplices and reportedly killing another.

A faction of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the church attacks. Meanwhile, a police investigation continues.

Report via CBN News

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