Might Disappointment in Obama Lead some African Americans to Discover Conservatism?

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By servative

Robert Samuels recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post, originally titled “Disappointment in Obama leads some African Americans to ask: Is voting even worth it?

The title has since been changed to this: “Disillusioned black voters ask: Is voting even worth it?”

They probably got a nasty call from the White House!

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In this piece, Mr. Samuels interviewed several residents of Jacksonville, Florida, who bemoan the fact – truly, a fact – that they are living in another Democrat-run city that is going to the dogs, like Detroit. They see things keep getting worse, in spite of all the promises, and in spite of the policies of “the first black president.”

“What was the point?” asked Reginia Motley, 23, a grocery store clerk. “We made history, but I don’t see change … Even a black president was unable to heal places still gripped by violence, drugs and joblessness.”

Well, violence and drugs are what you get when work and families go to hell. Sending work and families to hell seems to be the top priority of government these days, judging by their results.

It’s a vicious cycle – the more government implements its noble policies, the worse things get.

Yet, something must be done. But what?

Sherrod said “It’s not just because Obama was black, but it was because you knew he had a sense of empathy with your struggle.” He likes the idea of Dr. Carson running for the same reason. And I could feel his pain when he found out that their black mayor, Alvin Brown, lost his election.

This post-Obama hopelessness pains me deeply. It was predictable and avoidable. At this point, I wanted to reach out and tell Sherrod:

Discover Conservatism

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