Oppose Obama on Amnesty, You’re Mean and Racist

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Obama is very good at misrepresenting an issue, then attacking the misrepresentation.  Of course, that is the reason for setting up the misrepresentation in the first place, so you can attack it.

The deception is all the more useful in manipulating people when the misrepresentation is ascribed to your political enemies.  You thereby make them look mean or silly, control the conversation, and proceed emotionally to explain how you are so much wiser and caring.

It’s called demonizing the opposition employing the straw man argument.  Once the knife is plunged, you can twist it and leverage it in several ways.

In the debate about illegal immigration and Obama’s executive action granting amnesty to 5-15 million illegal aliens (doing so illegally), Obama continually claims mean old Republicans want to rip apart families and deport kids and other people who’ve lived here a long while.

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That’s the straw man.  Mean old Republicans hate kids and families, obviously, and Obama wants to save them.

Never mind not one Republican in Congress advocates mass deportations.  Nor have we heard anyone relish the thought of carving up families.

Still, today (March 6) Obama said his opponents want to deport kids, and “that’s not who we are.”  You see the implication there?  Not only are Republicans mean and hateful, they are immoral too, un-American if you will.  Therefore, support the President in his illegal amnesty because he is wise and good and loving and moral and patriotic.

Obama wasn’t done though!  No, he invoked the marches on Selma too!  You bet kids.  He is a champion of civil rights, and he knows all about Selma, even though he was only three years old living in Hawaii when the marches occurred in 1965.  You see children, Mr. President says granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is being done “in the spirit of Selma,” because the principles involved in both cases point to “the promise of an inclusive America,  . . .  of an America where everybody (is) equal under the law,” including people who came here illegally, those who will remain here illegally via illegal executive action by Obama, presumably.   By golly this President will insure equal protection under the law even if he has to break the law to do so!

You see the trouble I hope.  By the logic, illegal immigrants are only fighting for civil rights, even though they are technically criminals.  Is Obama saying the marchers in Selma were criminals?  Is he saying Americans are being mean, unwise, uncaring and racist by objecting to illegal immigration and his illegal amnesty?  Is he saying upholding the rule of law is unpatriotic?  Is he saying our concerns about border security in the age of terrorism helped by drug cartels is a form of racism?  Is he saying the desire to preserve sovereignty is antithetical to civic responsibility?

In one case we have citizens marching to secure rights unlawfully denied.  In the other case, non-citizens are unlawfully demanding rights they cannot lawfully claim, assisted by a President willing to break the law in the name of upholding it.

It is no coincidence we have a major motion picture out about Selma, and there is a huge commemoration of the event this weekend celebrating the 50th anniversary of the march.   Obama will speak about the “Spirit of Selma,” drawing the false equivalence with illegal immigration, marching on the truth, and aggravating divisions in every direction.

Watch how he twists the knife, calling for unity, bipartisanship, compassion and patriotism, achieving the opposite in every category.

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