House Dem: Global Warming Turns Women into Prostitutes

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By Rebekah Maxwell – BarbWire guest contributor

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

Sorry to harsh the mellow of our global utopia, but, in case you forgot, the earth is about to kill us.

Far from being our home and source of sustenance, the earth itself is our biggest enemy now (as our enlightened Secretary of State John Kerry points out regularly). Climate change is worse than terrorism…that’s just settled science.

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Just when we thought we knew every reason it’s our fault that the earth is trying to exterminate us, a kindly Congresswoman from the People’s Republic of California has revealed yet another reason to fear the ground on which we tread:

Global warming turns women into prostitutes.

California Democrat Barbara Lee proposed a resolution in the House of Representatives this week that claims women will eventually be forced to sell their bodies for food and water…because of global warming.

Lee introduced House Concurrent Resolution 29, warning that women will be forced into “transactional sex” to get enough food and clean water — all because global warming will create “conflict and instability” in the world.

“Women will disproportionately face harmful impacts from climate change,” Lee’s resolution reads. It continues claiming, “Food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health.”

That’s horrible! And emotionally evocative. Why don’t we help these women? Surely there must be a government program (or 40) to help struggling, hungry girls?

Let’s help them…oh wait. That’s not your proposal?

Lee’s document goes on to urge Congress to agree on the “disparate impacts of climate change on women,” and goes on to demand that Congress use “gender-sensitive frameworks in developing policies to address climate change.”

You weren’t taking up a collection to actually help women in danger?

You’re just using the real-life struggle of thousands of starving, vulnerable women across the world, as political pawns to gain government control of resources–to fight a theoretical war on the sun?

Well, isn’t that just…empowering.

Lee also charges that women, who are “often underrepresented in the development and formulation of policy regarding adaptation to climate change,” are doubtless in the best position to offer policy ideas.

Women like herself, of course. Any women with differing opinions can stay “underrepresented.”

If you don’t know the name “Barbara Lee,” she’s also a leader in the Congressional Black Caucus, recently noted for walking out to boycott Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

Because placing world-destroying weapons in the hands of proud state-sponsors of terrorism isn’t dangerous to women. Not as much as global warming.

All those little girls literally being bought and sold into sex slavery by the monsters of ISIS? They can wait.

The school girls kidnapped and abused and killed by Boko Haram? Sad, but not a priority…maybe we can tweet about them.

The thousands of 10-year old Nepalese girls who are trafficked in the red-light districts of India? We’ll get back to you on that.

The thousands of baby girls brutally murdered in sex-selective abortions across Asia? Not even really people.

The mothers forced by their government to kill their pre-born daughters…in the interests of “population control” in China? We can’t see them.

No, the women we care about are the theoretical women, the poster children for the causes that bring us (the state) the most power and control. A global fight requires global control…and a few more tax increases on hard-working American women, too (check your privilege, ladies).

This is no time to help real victims; it’s a time to panic over hypothetical future victims. Give us all your money and we’ll fight the big-bad global warming for you.

Although, now that I think on it, I’m not sure why we should. Why just let nature take her almighty course and wipe out the ultimate evil (man)?

Surely, if Mother Nature’s taking her revenge, we must have been asking for it.

Rebekah Maxwell, producer of the Steve Deace Show, began reporting and producing at WHO Radio in 2007, with on-air work recognized by the official alphabet soup: the AP, IBNA, NBNA, RTDNA, NAB (all the while staying far from the TSA and UFOs). She delights in debating religion, politics, and all other subjects impolite at the dinner table. Her favorite time of year is Caucus season, and she’s an accomplished slam poet, ready to spit the truth…in mad rhymes, if necessary.

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