UVA Fraternity Cleared by Police, But Fraternities Are Punished Anyway

Jackie’s story was fake, but as Allahpundit says, “someone needs to intervene to stop the sort of gang rape that never actually happened to Jackie,” so despite the dishonesty and journalistic malpractice, there are new rules for fraternities at the University of Virginia:

The University chapter of Phi Kappa Psi was officially reinstated by both the University and the national Phi Kappa Psi fraternity organization, the University announced in a press release Monday morning.

“The reinstatement resulted after consultation with Charlottesville Police Department officials, who told the University that their investigation has not revealed any substantive basis to confirm that the allegations raised in the Rolling Stone article occurred at Phi Kappa Psi,” the release stated.

Charlottesville Police Captain Gary Pleasants said the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, but that no evidence indicates Phi Kappa Psi should continue to be under sanction.

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“We are looking at the allegations in their totality,” he said, adding that investigators have not yet made a determination about the accuracy of the incident as a whole.

He said police hope to conclude their investigation in a couple of weeks, and they will not disclose more specifics about their investigation until that time.

To read between the lines, it appears that while police are still trying to figure out what (if anything) happened to Jackie, it has been determined that Phi Kappa Psi had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile:

Last Tuesday, [UVA President Teresa] Sullivan authorized new addenda to the University’s Fraternal Organization Agreement that were submitted by the four student-led Greek leadership councils. The new addenda outline specific practices that each fraternity and sorority will put in place to enhance the safety of their members and guests. Sullivan also announced the immediate reinstatement of all social activities, with the stipulation that the FOA addenda must be signed by the president or designee from each fraternity and sorority by Jan. 16. Phi Kappa Psi became the first fraternity to sign the Inter-Fraternity Council’s FOA addendum on Jan. 8.

This is sort of like the way gun-control advocates use any mass-shooting incident to urge passage of new laws which would have done nothing to prevent the highly publicized atrocity. They’re always trying to “close the gun show loophole” by exploiting hysteria over shootings committed with guns that weren’t bought at gun shows. And never mind the violent crimes in cities like New York and Chicago that have ultra-strict local gun-control laws. Facts and logic are irrelevant to the progressive agenda, and Allahpundit points to a quote in an article last month revealing the Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely had her own agenda at UVA:

Alex Pinkleton, a rape survivor and U-Va. student, said of Sabrina Rubin Erdely . . . “However, she did have an agenda and part of that agenda was showing how monstrous fraternities themselves as an institution are and blaming the administration for a lot of these sexual assaults.”

Fraternities were important to Erdely, as Pinkleton, a friend of Jackie’s, told [CNN’s Brian] Stelter: “I didn’t like that it seemed like she was looking for a story that had to be at a fraternity,” she said.

Erdely had to have a rape at UVA and it “had to be at a fraternity.” She could have added it had to be at a white fraternity, because Erdely’s choice of UVA was by no means accidental in that regard: Erdely “knew she wanted to write about sexual assaults at an elite university,” as she told the Washington Post. Obviously, she wanted a story with villains who fit the profile of the privileged white male patriarchal oppressors on whom feminists blame “rape culture.” Phi Kappa Psi was a target of opportunity and why Jackie and Erdely pinned their gang-rape tale on this specific fraternity is a mystery yet to be solved.

Meanwhile, it’s Double-Secret Probation for fraternities at UVA — “No more fun of any kind!” — and perhaps this is not entirely a bad thing. For months before the Rolling Stone story, I pointed out that if university administrators really wanted to stop “rape culture” on campus, all they had to do was to crack down on underage drinking.

Over and over, these “he said/she said” stories have the same narrative arc: An 18-year-old freshman girl, away from home for the first time, goes to a party, gets fall-down drunk and then has a sexual experience that is unfortunate and regrettable, but which cannot be proven as rape. The guy involved in the incident was usually also drunk and he insists that whatever happened between him and the girl, however unfortunate and regrettable, was consensual. Because incidents like that usually cannot be prosecuted as crimes, universities have taken to using disciplinary tribunals to hear such claims, and feminists have become angry that these extra-judicial processes are ineffective.

The legal drinking age is 21. Simply enforcing existing law — thus reducing the number of drunk teenage girls who are most commonly the complainants in these incidents — would be a logical response. However, media hype about a “rape epidemic” on campuses (a manufactured crisis based on phony statistics) was part of a political propaganda campaign whose feminist leaders do not give a damn about facts or logic.

Feminism’s message is clear: “Shut Up, Because Rape.”

UPDATE: Few have noted that Erdely’s feminist agenda required white rapists at an elite university. A story involving students being raped at a third-tier school or being raped by non-white males would do little or nothing to advance the gender/race/class narrative of Cultural Marxism. This idea — a high-profile sex crime perpetrated by upper-class white males — was what sent the New York Times chasing after the Duke lacrosse rape story in 2006. Because rich white guys are the Demonized Scapegoat within the Left’s paranoid worldview, only certain crimes get that kind of major-media push. Last month, a freshman girl at William Paterson University in New Jersey said she was sexually assaulted by five males, but because (a) it’s not an elite school and (b) the accused rapists are black, this isn’t the sort of gang-rape that feminists care about.

Some victims are more equal than others.

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