Surprise! Obama is Lying About Immigration Reform

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The Senate bill, passed a year and a half ago, never made it over to the House, yet the President keeps accusing House Republicans of refusing to take it up.  Rep. Jason Chaffetz asserted on Fox yesterday that the Senate bill never made it over to the House.  Additionally, the Senate bill was seen as unconstitutional, as articulated by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee:  Top 10 Concerns with the Senate Immigration Bill—

#1: Unconstitutional: The Senate immigration bill is a revenue-raising bill, which makes it unconstitutional.  Language in the U.S. Constitution requires any bill that raises revenue, also known as a tax, must originate in the House of Representatives, not the Senate.

Keep in mind, Obama continues to tell this lie that the House was being obstructionist, so therefore, he was forced to act in issuing these executive orders.  The truth is the Senate bill had deep flaws, including a provision to fund leftist organizations:

#10: Contains Slush Fund for Liberal Activist Groups:  Under the Senate bill, new grant programs are created that could provide $150 million dollars to liberal activist groups like La Raza, Casa de Maryland, and the   American Lawyers Association.  These taxpayer-funded grants are provided to organizations – without any audit or oversight provisions – in order to promote the new special pathway to citizenship though public   information campaigns, to help unlawful immigrants apply for new immigration benefits, and provide any other assistance considered useful to unlawful immigrants in the process.

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Are you aware that La Raza’s purpose is to force the U.S. to cede the Southwest?  La Raza and related groups have enjoyed millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers thanks to government action in Congress along with federal grant money being provided.    These groups advocate against voter ID, insisting illegals be allowed to vote.  The overall plan is to establish a separate Hispanic nation by taking control of Southwest states, believe it or not.  This is clearly not about immigration, illegal or otherwise.  Instead, it’s about destroying American sovereignty, in reality, an act of war, one the President just lent aid and comfort, an act of treason.

Furthermore, Congressman Jason Chaffetz issued this statement last June, describing how Harry Reid refused to take up his House bill, something Obama never mentions:

I passed an immigration reform bill (HR 3012) in the 112th Congress with a vote of 389 to 15. The Senate refused to take it up, despite broad support.  If immigration reform is stalled, it is not due to a lack of interest or reform ideas by Republicans. Sen. Reid has pursued an all-or-nothing strategy in which no immigration bill will be considered unless it contains a full amnesty provision.

Remember, when Obama tells you he had to act because House Republicans refused to cooperate, that is a lie. When he says his only purpose is to temporarily help illegals come out of the shadows,  that is a lie.  When he indicates he desires a bipartisan approach to solving the problem,  that too is a lie, obviously.  And when he claims he has the legal authority to once again legislate without any congressional involvement, that is a lie as well, and a lawless act intended to work against the general welfare.

His executive orders pave the way for amnesty, leave us less secure along the border, encourage massive illegal immigration in the future, and promise tremendous financial pressure at all levels of government, not to mention worsening an already drastic unemployment problem.

Just remember, when Obama says he respects the Constitution, and is only looking out for the general welfare, it’s a bold-faced lie, the centerpiece of his legacy.

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