Plenty of Judgment at Planet Fitness Gym

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If Yvette Cormier had walked into a Christian baker to demand they bake her homosexual “wedding” cake and she was turned away, she would be celebrated as a precious victim. Unfortunately for her, she just wanted to make sure only women were in the women’s locker room at her local Planet Fitness, so she’s a bigot.

That’s what happens when you see what you think is a man in your women’s locker room one day, and then dare to complain about it being uncomfortable to the management of the fitness chain. Planet Fitness decided that when it comes to the safety of their female clientele, the customer isn’t always right. So they canceled her membership because she violated their — get this — “no judgment” policy.

Of course, if you still cling to old school ideas like those with male parts should shower and change with males, and those with female parts should shower and change with females, Planet Fitness is free to judge you.

Ironically, the individual who unsettled Cormier is far more sympathetic towards her.

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The transgendered individual at the center of the controversy, who goes by the name Carlotta Sklodowska, did an interview with a local newspaper which included this sentence: “many people tell Sklodowska she looks like a man, and she could see why Cormier would see her body structure as masculine.”

The article also disclosed Sklodowska wasn’t even a Planet Fitness member, and was told by the supervising attendant to “use the locker room that corresponds with how you are dressed.”

Boy, that sure sounds safe. Come dressed like a woman and you, too, can get naked in the women’s locker room at Planet Fitness. Perhaps in front of underage girls if you’re really lucky. I mean, we wouldn’t want to judge anybody now would we? Common human decency be (literally) damned.

The “right side of history” evolves fast. Today’s lunacy is tomorrow’s new normal. That’s because the debate over homosexuality and sexual morality has never really been about “tolerance.” This is really about using whatever means necessary to compel people to believe and practice what you believe. In giving Cormier the boot, Planet Fitness is celebrated for the very acts for which Christians are attacked.

That’s why there’s no intellectually honest answer to the question how come Planet Fitness can decide whom it wants to do business with on moral grounds, but a Christian baker or florist cannot.

The hypocrisy here is breathtaking, but that’s par for the course with political correctness.

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Steve Deace
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