Obama’s Energy Secretary says 20% Increase in Energy Prices is No Big Deal!

Conservative Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is one of those principled, stiff-spined politicians that we on the right are always clamoring for. He stands on principle and doesn’t bend just because strange new political winds are blowing. He’s also not afraid to ask tough questions of the Obama administration, even when it leads to a little bit embarrassment for the person being questioned.

Recently, he went hard after the Department of Energy Secretary, Dr. Ernest Moniz, a brilliant (but very liberal) physicist. He has always been a proponent of green energy and an ardent opponent of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy… which makes him an enemy of the workers in states like Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Dr. Moniz would rather see the collapse of the energy industry and a much weaker America – than a resurgent and strong America where fossil fuels continue to drive our economy. Which should say a lot about those currently leading our government…

Rep. Massie went hard after Dr. Moniz in a recent House hearing on energy – specifically related to President Obama’s recent veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline. It doesn’t seem that Dr. Moniz was prepared to answer tough questions, and he accidentally admits the truth… Team Obama is anti-cheap energy and anti-America.

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The Secretary of the Department of Energy, Dr. Moniz, who was a professor at my alma mater MIT, said in a Science Committee hearing that pipelines can transport carbon dioxide from carbon capture power plants to help extract oil, citing as an example a pipeline that stretches from North Dakota to Canada. Given the Administration’s opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline, I asked if he thought getting approval for carbon dioxide pipelines would be as difficult as getting approval for tar sands pipelines.

The Secretary then reluctantly conceded that a fossil fuel plant that uses carbon capture is less efficient than a plant that does not use carbon capture. I asked how much more it would cost to run the carbon capture plant, and how the increased cost would affect the price of electricity for American consumers.

Yep. The Secretary of the Department of Energy just said a 20% price increase is no big deal. Perhaps he should explain that to the millions of middle class (and working class) Americans who are barely making it as it is. A 20% price increase is the difference between full bellies or having to go a bit hungry a few times a month. 20% is a very BIG deal, Secretary Moniz. A very Big Deal.


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Onan Coca
Onan Coca is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Leah. They have three children and enjoy the hectic pace of life in a young family. Onan and Leah are members of the Journey Church in Hiram, GA.

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