Harvard Sluts and the Thought Police

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Badger Pundit called my attention to a column in the Harvard University student newspaper by freshman Nian Hu:

I am a feminist. I believe in the equality of the sexes. For me, feminism means freedom: freedom to dress the way I want, freedom to choose whether or not to get pregnant, freedom to say no to unwanted sexual interaction, freedom to have as many sexual partners as I want without being looked down on, freedom to be an engineer or lawyer or nurse or stay-at-home mom — basically, freedom to live my life.

Whoa. Never mind whatever point Miss Hu thought she was making. The “freedom” she demands involves prohibiting others from having their own opinions. If you disapprove of promiscuity — and most people do, whether or not they openly express their disapproval — then you have somehow infringed Miss Hu’s “freedom” to be as slutty as she wants to be. That is to say, Miss Hu believes she is entitled to your approval.

How will this “freedom” she demands be enforced? How can these Harvard sluts be sure that they are not “being looked down on” while they’re putting out for every random guy in Cambridge?

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And this won’t stop at Harvard. Next thing you know, those tramps at Princeton and floozies at Cornell will be demanding that everyone also approve of their notoriously rampant fornication. Ivy League girls, with their high SAT scores and low morals, have a basic human right to know that they are not “being looked down on” while they’re hooking up with any dude who is willing to risk a case of chlamydia.

“Boston residents ages 15 through 24 are almost four times
more likely to have Chlamydia than residents overall.
Among that age group, 70% of those diagnosed are female.”

What percentage of them are Harvard girls, huh? These vile hussies are a public health menace, but you’re not allowed to look down on them.

The Thought Police are everywhere now, monitoring our minds to make sure we aren’t harboring forbidden beliefs and impermissible opinions. We must think only what the progressive elites want us to think, or better yet, not even think at all. Thinking is dangerous — although perhaps not as dangerous as having sex with a nasty Harvard slut.

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