Germans Protest Islam, Leftwing Media Denounces Putin

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On Monday, December 15, some 15,000 people in Germany took part in a demonstration labeled by the German press as ‘xenophobic.’ The demonstration was held by the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA, by its German-language acronym), whose main objective is to oppose Islamic immigration from the Middle East and Africa. Since October, PEGIDA has held weekly rallies against Islam.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned PEGIDA, declaring, “There is no place in Germany for those who are instigating hatred against immigrants.” She also denounced the protesters for “racism.”

According to Jihad Watch, “Despite efforts by German politicians and the media to portray PEGIDA as neo-Nazi, the group has taken great pains to distance itself from Germany’s extreme right. The group says that it is ‘apolitical’ and that its main objective is to preserve what is left of Germany’s Judeo-Christian culture and values.”

PEGIDA has mobilized thousands of German citizens to take to the streets to protest the growing Islamization of their country.

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The American and other Western leftwing media have become accustomed to criticize anti-Islam protests as ‘racist.’ Yet, the German protests have, enigmatically, instigated the American Left to attack Putin.

Major American leftwing media outlets The Huffington Post and Bloomberg say that the anti-Muslim demonstrations are “far-right” and a strategy of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In contrast, Jihad Watch, a group that monitors Islam and its advances in the West, has validated the demonstrations as an attempt to defend Judeo-Christian culture and values in Europe. Jihad Watch is praised by conservative WorldNetDaily.

Bloomberg says about PEGIDA, “Putin’s strategy seems to be to build up a ‘fifth column’ of far-right parties in Europe willing to cooperate with the Kremlin.”

Even in Brazil, the leftwing media has denounced Putin as a KGB agent.

If you think that what is happening is madness, consider Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, the author of the anti-Putin and anti-Russia article in The Huffington Post. Schwartz is the director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism. His father was Jewish and his mother was a Protestant who was a member of the Communist Party in America. Even so, he managed to convert to Islam.

Now, with his vast (mad) experience he is defending Islam in Europe against anti-Islam ‘conspiracies’ from Putin.

He denounces that PEGIDA anti-Islamic demonstrations have slogans like “Frieden mit Russland! Nie wieder Krieg in Europa!” (“Peace with Russia! Never again war in Europe!”) and “Putin, hilfe uns!” (“Putin, help us!”).

Then Schwartz says, “Many observers may see in PEGIDA no more than another example of the ‘new populism’ in Europe. But an anti-Islam, pro-Russian alliance is dangerous for its advocates. Alignment of Russian ambitions and German discontent has been seen before: in the Stalin-Hitler pact of 1939, which allowed Germany to conquer most of Europe before turning on Russia. Germans should be wary about these issues.”

Don Hanks, an American expert on Russian language and culture, notes Schwartz’s exaggerations: “This author is either hopelessly naive or, more likely, a shill for the transnational elites who want to control the universe from Washington. It is beyond absurd to warn that an anti-Islam alliance smacks of Nazism. Hitler had an alliance with Muslims, especially the Mufti, against the Jews and these Muslims also killed hundreds of Christian Serbs for good measure. The pro-Russian alliance that Hitler entered into was with an atheist and communist who had absolutely nothing in common with Putin, who promotes Orthodox Christianity, and was not even a Russian (Stalin was Georgian)! The utter irony of this is that the most dangerous alliance in the world today by far is US-NATO-EU. So far the EU has taken over over 28 countries and absorbed them. That’s not expansionism? (Oops, I forgot, it’s exceptionalism). The first EU Commissioner was Walter Hallstein, a nazi who wrote the ‘Pride and Blood’ law forbidding Germans to marry Jews. A Nazi professor in the Third Reich wrote the blueprint for the EU, as described by UK authors Rodney Atkinson and Edward Spalton. All journalists should be required to take a test in Russian history and culture, and should have an IQ of at least 80. That would eliminate a lot of this disinformation. It would be good if more readers used their heads for something other than a hat rack as well.”

Even though PEGIDA has been portrayed as ‘racist’ and ‘extremist’ by the leftwing media, Deutsche Welle has said about PEGIDA demonstrators: “the majority are completely normal people. Of course, they’re not people who usually vote Green, or the Left party, or the SPD [Social Democrats], but they’re not extremists.”

PEGIDA’s motto is “We are the people!” (Wir sind das Volk!), the same slogan used by East Germans to bring down the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Even so, the Left is implicating PEGIDA in Putin’s alleged ‘communist’ conspiracies.

If Putin were really a communist agent, would they be implicating him in conspiracies with conservatives in Germany?

In the Soviet times, the American leftist media faithfully attacked America and praised the Soviet Union. Just to be clear: the Left always protects the Left.

In the current situation between America and Russia, the American Left and even the Brazilian Left protect America and attack Russia.

Are there more socialists in America than in Russia?

Don Hanks has another explanation: “Left and right is irrelevant these days when it comes to Putin. Russophobia is de rigueur if you want to get ahead in politics and media these days.”

Nowadays, incredibly ultra-nationalism has united American left-wingers and right-wingers against Russia. American right-wingers hate Russia for its communist past and because Russia is the only nation able to challenge minimally the U.S. supremacy around the world.

American left-wingers hate Russia for its present conservative laws and because the Orthodox Church is heavily involved in the government affairs. The Left hates Church and government together!

If Putin wants the American Left to love and defend Russia again, he should do more than Obama has done: to embrace Marxism, Islam and gay ideology. And to expel the Orthodox Church from his government. Afterwards he should try to convince the Western media that he is more Marxist than Obama is. He should say to them, “Look, now I have allowed gay parades in Moscow and I have revoked the ban on homosexual propaganda to children. Now Russian children will be exposed to all kinds of homosexual sexual activity. Besides, I proclaim that Islam is a ‘religion of peace,’ just as Obama does! What about now? May you at last love me and Russia again?”

Yet, Germans should not be deterred by American leftist propaganda, especially The Huffington Post and Bloomberg, which preache that anti-Islam opposition is a Putin’s conspiracy. And even if it is so, an anti-Islam conspiracy is better than an pro-Islam conspiracy. There is information that Obama has been championing Marxism and Islam. He is their greatest advocate. Does this secret that explain why Obama is loved and Putin is hated by the Western mass media?

Nevertheless, we should not miss the point that the biggest threat to Europe today is Islamic immigration. Islam intends to change Europe, by destroying what is left of its Christian culture and establish an Islamic dictatorship.

Whoever helps Islamic expansion in Europe is an enemy of Europe. Whoever helps save Europeans from the incoming Islamic dictatorship is not an enemy.

The Western media interpret who the enemy is. This is why they praise Obama and attack Putin.

My view? I think that whoever defends Europe from Islam deserves support. I would support even the pope in this just cause. But, sadly, Pope Francis has said that “equating Islam with violence is wrong,” essentially agreeing with Obama that Islam is a “religion of peace.”

If there is hope for Europe to escape Islamization, will it come from Obama or the pope?

The real point is not if Obama, the pope and Putin are attacking or defending Islamization of Europe. The point is that European natives have a right to reject Islamization without being labeled ‘racist.’

Portuguese version of this article: Alemães protestam contra o islamismo, mídia esquerdista denuncia Putin

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