Faith Freedoms: ‘The Brand Has Been Tarnished’

CBN News — The outrage over religious freedom bills in Indiana and Arkansas in recent weeks has caught many by surprise.

The governors of both states recently signed amended versions of both measures after a barrage of criticism from opponents who view the legislation as a vehicle for discrimination against gays.

Now there’s concern the two states’ retreat could set off a wider trend, Charisma News reports. Last Friday, Oklahoma scrapped similar legislation that would’ve allowed businesses to deny services to same-sex couples.

Why the controversy and what does it mean for religious liberty issues going forward?

Tim Schultz, president of the Washington, D.C.-based First Amendment Partnership, works with faith groups and state lawmakers on religious freedom issues.

“The (religious freedom) brand has definitely been tarnished,” he said.

Schultz talked more about what’s at stake with CBN News’ Heather Sells. Click play to watch.

Report via CBN News

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