‘Death to France!’ as Islamic Protests Go Global

By Mark Martin

CBN News — Muslims in several countries are outraged over the newest cover image of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The magazine’s new cartoon, which hit newsstands Jan 14, has led to more violence and death. It was the first following the Jan. 7 attack on the paper’s headquarters that left 12 people dead.

In the West African country of Niger, at least 10 people were killed in two days of violent weekend demonstrations.

Protesters set churches on fire in capital city of Niamey. Police and army officers tried to break up the crowd by firing tear gas.

Protesters also set fire to roadblocks across the city, its French cultural center, and the National Lottery building.

In Pakistan, protesters stood on French, U.S., and Israeli flags and held a poster that read, “We condemn the blasphemy of Mohammed in Charlie Hebdo.”

Mainstream Islamic tradition states any physical depiction of Mohammed, even a respectful one, is considered blasphemous.

On Monday in Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghans burned the French flag and chanted “death to France.”

The protesters also demanded the French embassy in Kabul be shut down, and they want the French government to apologize to Muslims.

Report via CBN News

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