Benghazi Shows How Politicians Blame Intelligence Community for Their Failures

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Politicians and pundits initially placed part of the blame on the intelligence community for the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, but recently released emails continue showing that blame is unwarranted even as they also demonstrate how politicians blame their national security failures on the intelligence community.

Fox News reported on March 7 that Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, successfully sued the government for Department of State emails regarding the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist attack on the U.S. installations in Benghazi, Libya on September 11-12, 2012. According to the article, the emails in part show that Clinton aides “were running interference” during the terrorist attack and that such interference “may have contributed to confusion over the nature of the attack.” The article also notes that, “Clinton that night had put out the first statement wrongly linking the attack to a supposed protest sparked by an obscure, anti-Islam YouTube video – but that was never updated that night.”

If this holds true what it means is that this is additional evidence that the intelligence community provided accurate information. However, certain politicians didn’t like that and so they changed the story. And when the truth came out many of them decided to blame the IC instead of accepting responsibility for their own underhandedness.

This, of course, allowed fellow politicians to investigate the Benghazi attack to determine what went “wrong” with the IC, and then give it directives to change so the “failure” wouldn’t happen again. This certainly isn’t the first time something like this has happened. And it won’t be the last.

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The IC really does have many problems but it’s no wonder it does. Actually, it’s somewhat amazing it can function at all. After all, politicians constantly blame it for their failures, and then they force “fixes” on it to correct things that never were broken.

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