Report: Islam to Surpass Christianity by 2070

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There will be more Muslims than Christians in the world in less than eighty years, according to a Pew Research Center’s report.

The report said that while Christians will increase to 2.92 billion adherents by 2050, Muslims will reach 2.76 billion, making those religions about 30 percent of the world population. Muslims will outnumber Jews in the U.S. by 2050. Yet, the report said that by the end of this century, Islam will be the dominant religion in the world.

Several countries are also projected to have a different religious majority by 2050.

By 2050, 4 in 10 Christians are expected to be located in Africa. And Christians will no longer be a majority in the United Kingdom, France, Australia and the Netherlands, which will have large Muslim populations.

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The DailyMail said that Islam “will thrive due to its young population and high fertility rates, with an average of 3.1 children per woman. The rate is well above the 2.1 replacement level — the minimum typically needed to maintain a stable population.”

The DailyMail added, “the fertility rate of Christians… is around 2.7 children per woman.”

Actually, Muslims have not high fertility rates. They have rates Christians and others always had for thousands of years. Yet, because of massive population control campaigns, especially in the 20th century, birthrates fell and keep falling.

“Wars, famines, religious revival and all kinds of things could change the picture,” said Dr. Conrad Hackett, the lead researcher and demographer for the Pew report.

Yet, even without a massive Islamic threat hanging on their heads, Christians are destroying the future of their families through family planning. God planning is out of their minds.

And now researchers can see that a nation or religion with more children will win the civilization battle. Children are an important natural resource for nations and civilizations. A few of them spells a weak culture and slow death.

Another distinguishing characteristic of many Muslims is that they are very protective of their many children and their education, while Christians who do not choose homeschooling often let their small number of children be indoctrinated at public schools by evolution, birth control and other pagan ideologies. Eventually, they lose the few children they have.

Reporting on the Pew Research Center’s report, the Associated Press stressed that the Christian population in the United States will suffer a drastic drop, while atheists and agnostics will increase. AP said, “Atheists, agnostics and people who don’t identify with a religion will increase in much of Europe and North America, but globally will drop from about 16 percent to 13 percent of the population. Within the U.S., people with no religious affiliation are projected to become more than a quarter of the population, while the share of Christians is expected to decrease from more than three-quarters to two-thirds.”

Family planning and child education under government control among Christians will result in few children committed to the God of their fathers.

How can Christians in America and other nations expect abundant supernatural resources from God and his inheritance when they despise his abundant natural resources and inheritance?

If Christians today had normal, large families as Christians had in the Bible times and if they spread the Gospel and made disciples as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20, Muslims would have no increase in America, Europe and other traditionally Christian nations.

With the sacrifice of their families and children, Christians are surrendering their future and inheritance to Islam, which is the ideology behind of the most persecution and murder of Christians around the world today.

With information from the Associated Press, DailyMail and the New York Times.

Portuguese version of this article: O islamismo, que ultrapassará o Cristianismo em 2070, será a única grande religião a crescer mais rápido do que a população mundial

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