Leading Democrats Condemn Obama

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People who care deeply about our country have been raising the alarm for a long while, including prominent Democrats who are now speaking out with greater intensity, calling this President both a failure, and a threat to our future.

Pat Caddell has been working for Democrat candidates for decades. He has worked for George McGovern in 1972, Jimmy Carter in 1976 and 1980, Gary Hart in 1984, Joe Biden in 1988, and Jerry Brown in 1992. Caddell urged Obama not to run for re-election.  That was extraordinary.  Today he is calling on Democrat leadership to meet with Obama, urging him to finally come up with a robust strategy for dealing with ISIS, one that is actionable near-term, refusing the self-limiting authorization Obama recently submitted to Congress.

Imagine, in a time of war comparable to the years leading up to the Second World War, a chief executive asking Congress to scale back the war powers he presently possesses! Caddell says Obama’s state of the union speech was terrifying, revealing a President who has lost touch with reality, both in terms of domestic and foreign policy, and man surrounded by people keeping him in a bubble of fantasy, while the Democrat Party has become dictatorial.  Given Obama’s weak and aimless foreign policy, and in view of escalating Jihad globally, especially in the Middle East, Caddell says it is likely we are seeing the development of another world war.

Long time Democrat political analyst, author, campaigner, pollster and commentator, Doug Schoen, worked on Bill Clinton’s campaigns, and on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  Schoen agrees with Caddell.   Schoen joined Caddell in 2011 urging Obama not to run again.  He has accused Obama of deliberately dividing the country.  He calls ObamaCare a complete disaster, and is likewise critical of the President’s foreign policy, saying Obama is leading us into disaster.

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Schoen appeared with Caddell on Fox News yesterday essentially agreeing Obama is so far out of touch, his foreign policy is almost delusional, and without aggressive American action against ISIS and Iran, the future looks very grim indeed, even to the point of saying we face disaster.

Many are saying a Hillary Clinton nomination is assured, but Caddell and Schoen are not so sure.  Obama’s presidency is such a colossal failure, rife with scandal and riddled with corruption, Hillary may never be able to disassociate with Obama in the weeks and months to come, destroying the coronation many expect.

Meanwhile, the President of Egypt, the Prime Minister of Israel, and the King of Jordan have formed an alliance to deal with ISIS and Iran, despite dithering, and inappropriate interference from the White House.  That’s the good news, so long as military intervention solves problems expeditiously.

The remaining humiliation in any case is a President of these United States unwilling to name Islamic terrorism and deal with it, no matter how many innocent civilians are brutally murdered, and despite the clear objective of ISIS to kill every infidel within reach, including here at home.

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