‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Is Unable to Hold Back Tears As He Gives Family A New Home

In a Christmas-themed episode of Duck Dynasty, the Robertson family all joined together to serve the needs of a long-time family friend named Mrs. Lewis. The woman had fallen on some tough times, and the family responded in a huge way. TV Over Mind reports:

When the family was having their Christmas gift exchange, Willie announced that they would be giving an old family friend a new home for Christmas because she had fallen on hard times.

They’ve known the woman for the better part of 40 years, and they felt that was the least they could do for her. Everyone in the family got on board with the project right away…
The home also got the special, loving touches of the Robertson family, including a porch built by them. Even the usually staid family patriarch Phil was caught up in the emotion of the event:

Mrs. Lewis was brought to tears by the gesture, and soon after she brought Phil and Kay to tears during their prayer, all because of her humility and graciousness. It was really an incredible thing to witness.

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