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Cis Privilege and Identity Policing in the Bi and Pan Community: 3 Harmful Tropes and 3 Ways We Can Unite Instead
— Adrian Ballou, Jan. 16

How Stereotypes About What Queer Women Look Like Erases Femmes
— Joy Young, Jan. 9

You get the general drift here. Feminists today enthusiastically advocate every form of sexuality except normal sexuality.

Perhaps you’re wondering what “LGBTQIA+” means, or maybe you don’t understand how “the Bi and Pan Community” is suffering from “Harmful Tropes.” Why even waste time defining exotic labels like “demisexual”? Instead of adding extra letters to the LGBT acronym, couldn’t we just label this entire coalition W for “weirdo” or F for “freak”?

This exotic 21st-century rainbow of queer feminism is to sexuality what Baskin-Robbins is to ice cream, offering 31 flavors of abnormal perversion to those seeking escape from the gender binary and the heterosexual matrix that define oppression under patriarchy.

Now everybody is an oppressed victim, except normal people, because whatever feminists are, they are never normal people.

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