Fast Until the Heartbeat Bill is Passed

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FAST until the Heartbeat Bill is passed.

Yes, you’ve heard right. For those who are serious about ending abortion, we are asking you to join us in a fast. Why fast? Because we have mountains to move to pass the Heartbeat Bill and less than three weeks to do it.

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Not only will this bill protect 20,000 children each year, if passed it gives the Supreme Court a chance to consider that: Once there is a fetal heartbeat, there is a 97 percent likelihood that the baby will survive to life birth–making it a much better marker than viability for legal protection allowed by the Court, as Law Professor David Forte testified in committee just before the bill was passed in committee.

We have less than three weeks before the clock runs out on the Heartbeat Bill. So join us in the fast until the Heartbeat Bill is passed.

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Janet Porter
Janet (Folger) Porter is President and Founder of Faith2Action, the nation’s largest network of pro-family groups. Janet authored the first Heartbeat Bill to legally protect unborn babies with detectible heartbeats which inspired Arkansas and North Dakota's Heartbeat Laws--the most protective pro-life laws in the nation. She has authored five books including: The Criminalization of Christianity and hosts a daily radio commentary heard in more than 300 markets. You can follow her on Twitter @Faith2Action.

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