Girl’s Plane Crash Survival ‘Divine Intervention’

CBN News — Officials are marveling over the remarkable story of 7-year-old Sailor Gutzler, the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her family over the weekend.

The family vacation turned into a tragedy Friday evening when the small plane carrying them crashed in the middle of Kentucky woods.

With broken bones, Sailor pulled herself out of the wreckage. Wearing only shorts and a T-shirt, she braved the 38-degree weather to find help.

Sailor ended up on the doorstep of Larry Wilkins.

“She told me that her mom and dad were dead and that she had been in a plane crash,” he told CNN. “She’s a terribly brave little girl, I’ll tell you that. I can’t imagine a 7 year old doing that.”

“She probably went the best route – not the easiest by any means,” Kentucky State Police Lt. Brent White said. “At the scene we were talking about that being some divine intervention.”

Investigators at the National Transportation Safety Board are trying to figure out how Sailor survived.

Report via CBN News

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