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7 Plus Hypocrisies of the LGBT- Letting Go of Biological Truth activists


LGBT – Letting Go of Biological Truth / Letting Go of Biblical Truth.

Rainbow Jihad hypocrisy alert….

(1.) They bring their activism about what should be their private bedroom habits to our doors publicly and then claim we are forcing our beliefs on them.

(2.) They try to indoctrinate other people’s children while accusing Christians of doing the same, when most Christians primarily focus on sharing their faith and values with only their own children.

(3.) They accuse Christians of trying to establish a theocracy, but believe bakery cake makers should be forced to participate in events they don’t agree with.

(4.) They continue to accuse Christians of trying to establish a theocracy, but ignore the fact that nobody was forcing them to worship Christ before, during, or after the rulings of Obergefell v. Hodges or even before Lawrence vs Texas.

(5.) They cloak their activism under the guise of emotionally manipulative terms like “countering discrimination” or “countering bullying,” when there is absolutely no reason or need to promote their private bedroom habits, let alone any kind of bedroom habits, publicly in order to be against such things.

(6.) They constantly argue for and scream the word “equality” over and over again as an emotionally manipulative rallying cry, all while pushing the idea of same sex couples raising children, which deliberately and intentionally denies children any chance at experiencing being raised by either the loving motherhood only women can provide or the loving fatherhood only men can provide, and as a result promoting family structure inequality at the expense of a child’s basic steadfast needs.

About Same Sex Couples Adopting Children:

The last reports when it came to adoption stats and data came out in 2010, and some more recent than that…

They conclude that for every child that needed to be adopted there were 36 couples considering adoption. There should absolutely be no reason at all why children should be placed in a home that, for the lifetime of the relationship, DELIBERATELY and INTENTIONALLY denies them any chance at experiencing loving motherhood that only a woman can provide or loving fatherhood that only a man can provide. It’s one thing if children are raised in such situations by accident (single parents as a result of a divorce or death of a parent). Again, these are accidental situations, where the child may still have a chance at family structure equality. But there is nothing loving at all about family structure inequality…purposefully throwing children into an inherently designed sex segregated family structure.

Notice the Left, and especially homosexual activists, never make the important distinction between accidental and purposeful/intentional situations? Notice how they point to examples of accidental problems that happen when it comes to family structure to justify their worldview and agenda rather than point to existing examples of loving stable homes where both the mother and father are present? Think about what this actual reveals about their worldview.

“Persons caught up in homosexual practice (same sex couples) often use the argument that same-sex attraction is their natural inclination and since their attraction is — in their view — “natural,” they believe that same-sex relationships are “moral” and therefore must be affirmed by government. However, it is also natural that their sexual relationships are inherently sterile and barren. Whereas sterility in a man-woman relationship is a sign of some defect or disorder, sterility in a homosexual relationship is the way it is intended to be. Sterility is the natural condition of homosexual acts. Therefore, they should not violate their natural design by appropriating children.” – Laurie Higgins

(7.) Their activism seeks to oppress and ban talk therapy dealing with emotional issues of those with unwanted same sex attraction focused on issues of temperament and healing of relationships and improving family dynamics. At the same time, they are perfectly fine with children, teens, and adults being injected with potentially harmful hormone blockers and having their perfectly functioning genitalia and other body parts mutilated and chopped off.

This why the homosexual activist (LGBT – Letting Go of Biological Truth) lobby should be called “modern day slave owners.” The position and stance they hold is that they don’t want anybody who has unwanted same sex attraction to have the choice to leave their plantation they deceptively like to call “gay.” No freedom to choose, no right to exercise self-determination, no individual liberty. They are constantly attempting to use the force of government to try and ban therapy (and have had much success) in order to prevent those unhappy with their same-sex attractions from living in accordance with their ideals, reaching their goals, and finding peace within themselves. They want to stop persons really of any age from simply talking to and be treated by licensed therapists if they want to address their romantic and sexual inclinations in ways that align with their faith, values, morals, and life goals. This slave owner-like “you must stay on the “gay” plantation or else” view and totalitarian efforts should concern anybody who believes in the freedom, self-determination, real choice, and liberty.

And whenever a conference or meeting happens between those who have actually left their plantation, the modern day plantation owners that is the homosexual activist lobby likes to mobilize their lynchmobs with the intent to shut down and censor. Please read more here and share:

It’s all hypocrisy and projection at its highest level.

What about Homosexual Activist groups in general?…

The homosex activist lobby/special interest group called Human Rights Campaign (HRC) (co-founded and started by pedophile Terry Bean) unveiled a $26 million plan to influence the 2018 elections. Remember, one doesn’t have to push their private bedroom habits in order to be against actual discrimination and against any kind of bullying. They always use euphemistic language used to simply emotionally manipulate. It’s what they do.

So please ask yourselves 3 questions:

(1.) Why does there exist lobby/special interest activist groups that advocate for their private bedroom habits publicly?

(2.) Keeping in mind that pro family groups only exist as a reaction to them, how is it possible that a lobby/special interest group like HRC that ultimately advocates for their private bedroom habits publicly, has or is able to get $26 million dollars to throw around at whatever they want?

(3.) Who are the ones donating or giving money to special interest/lobby groups that promote and push their private bedroom habits publicly? Do they understand that they are giving money to a special interest group that is ultimately advocating publicly for what they even admit is a private bedroom matter? Why waste your money on that?

LGBT Group Plans to Spend $26 Million in 2018 — And Conservatives Are AWOL

There is no such thing as “live and let live” as long as there exists homosexual activist political lobbies and special interest groups. They will make you care about their private bedroom habits publicly or else.


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