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Unprecedented Sedition Within The US Government


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Unprecedented sedition — not just pushback — but frankly, sedition is taking place even within some of the Federal Government. Even inside the intelligence agencies against the Trump administration. There’s a lot of different sources potentially behind this. we’re going to be talking about it on Faith and Freedom.

Mat Staver: You know, Matt, it’s one thing to disagree with the election. Certainly we disagreed with the 2008 election of Barack Obama, and the 2012 election of Barack Obama. Certainly we were upset about that, no question about it. And we, politely through the normal process objected to a number of different policies that the Obama administration did.

But, the problem that we’re seeing now is a real destructiveness that is coming up from the radical leftists, funded by George Soros and people like him. And Obama, unlike other presidents who have kind of walked away and lived in the shadows, and not tried to influence or control the government, is doing exactly the opposite. He’s going nowhere. In fact, he’s still in Washington, D.C. Still trying to pull strings…


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