Boy Scouts Pledge

It’s a Long Way Back to Sanity


I’ve got this problem. They won’t let me into the Congressional Black Caucus.

“You’re not black.”

“But I identify as black!”

“You’re not a member of Congress, either.”

“But I identify as a Congressman!”

Pretty damned silly, isn’t it? I say “damned” on purpose, because this line of thinking is at best insane but at worst satanic, and it can be both at once.

Here in New Jersey we have “gay” groups taking aim at the Boy Scouts for not letting an 8-year-old girl remain a member of a boys’ Cub Scout pack. “I identify as a boy,” says the 8-year-old girl. Uh-huh. The girl’s mother is pushing this. There is no mention of a father.

Attempting to talk sense to power, usually a vain effort, these days, the American College of Pediatricians commented, “A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.” Uh, yeah. The ACP called the whole “transgender” business “scientifically baseless.”

If, beard and all, I were to suddenly start “identifying as a woman,” the Left would stand up and cheer, and demand the government punish anyone who didn’t go along with my delusion. But if I were to identify as Ho Chi Minh, or a hamster, I would just be deemed a loon.

This one child’s mind and character have already suffered abuse from which she might not easily recover. Just leave her alone and she’ll naturally grow out of it, the pediatricians say. But camera-hungry parents and addled “educators” won’t let her grow out of it. Neither will Democrat politicians.

Over the past 50-plus years, we Americans have done a spectacular job of letting our culture go to rack and ruin. It will be a very long way back to sanity, with the whole armies of the Left trying to ambush us so that we don’t make it.

Pray for God’s mercy. Pray for God’s grace. If we ever needed a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud, we need ’em now.

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