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David Daleiden CA AG Raid

Activists Jury-Rig Daleiden Case


A grand jury may have indicted pro-lifer David Daleiden, but it looks like they had some help reaching that verdict: Planned Parenthood.

New evidence in the undercover video case of Center for Medical Progress suggests that Harris County prosecutors had an unusual — and potentially unlawful — relationship with the abortion giant. Daleiden’s attorneys are asking a Houston court to dismiss his charges after finding out that they “colluded with” and “leaked information to” Planned Parenthood.

“The irregularities in the case were manifold,” said Daleiden attorney Peter Breen. “The abuses occurring during and after the grand jury’s proceedings were in gross violation of Mr. Daleiden’s right to due process under the Texas Constitution as well as his statutory rights.”

At one point, Planned Parenthood’s legal team even “bragged” that they “explicitly pushed prosecutors” to indict Daleiden. “[Group attorney Josh Schaffer] further stated that during the grand jury proceedings, he and prosecutors maintained a ‘dialogue … about the details of the case, and kept that going throughout.'”

And Planned Parenthood wasn’t the only organization receiving special treatment. The National Abortion Foundation’s Derek Foran admitted that he found out about the verdict a half-hour before they were announced. Obviously, a conspiracy was underfoot to keep the attention on Daleiden’s supposed “wrongdoing” while the real criminals — Planned Parenthood — skate off scot free.

Or so they think! Next week, Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-Tenn.) select committee will hold another hearing on the real issue at stake: the trafficking and sale of baby body parts. In particular, the panel will be taking a closer look at the pricing of tissue and whether Planned Parenthood was profiting from it.

“When questions are being raised about the possibility that a federal statute has been violated, Congress has a duty to the taxpayers to find the facts and get to the bottom of what is actually going on,” Blackburn said. For months, Cecile Richards’s group has defended itself, insisting that they didn’t “profit” from their grisly side business. Led by Blackburn, House Republicans will try to determine whether they’re telling the truth — which, given their history of deception — would be quite a surprise indeed.


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