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MIchael Oren re Obama’s legacy

Obama’s Legacy – Giving Nuclear Weapons to Jihadists?

Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and BarbWire’s Matt Barber… An 11-minute weekday radio program discussing hot topics in the area of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family.

President Obama’s legacy could be that he gives nuclear weapons to jihadists in Iran. We need to stop that before it happens.

Mat Staver: Matt, in Pam Geller wrote an article and it’s entitled “Obama’s Legacy: Jihadis with Nukes.” And she’s talking about the legacy that Obama would leave if this Iran deal goes through. Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said in her article that the sanctions relief under this particular agreement if it’s approved, would give 700 billion with a “B” dollars to the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.

That $700 billion would also right away flow into the coffers of Iran and obviously they’re already sponsoring terror in Lebanon, in Syria, and in Gaza and around the world.

Matt Barber: Yea…these are the chief funders of Hezbollah and Hamas and other terrorist organizations and groups and all of this happening while the Ali Khamenei and others are literally chanting and screaming and holding rallies saying “Death to America.”

And in the meantime, Obama is signing away everything and giving the chief terrorist nation, Islamic terrorist, the nuke, with which they can destroy the little satan, which they call Israel, and attack the great satan, the United States of America. 

There was a time, before we entered this age of lawlessness where up is down and down is up, there was a time when what Obama and John Kerry are doing here and have done here would have been called what it is. It would have properly been called treason.


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