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The Company You Keep


Yesterday, we told you about the list of companies who have contributed funds to Planned Parenthood, compiled by our friends at 2nd Vote.

Well, that list has struck a nerve.

The Daily Signal, who reported on the list, had three of the companies — Xerox, Ford and now Coca Cola — contact them to say that they had been “erroneously listed” on Planned Parenthood’s website and had asked Planned Parenthood to remove them from being listed as contributors.

Are other companies to follow?

Americans are obviously upset that these companies and organizations are giving money to a group that is now under congressional and state investigations over trafficking in human organs. The March of Dimes, which is on the list, had its Facebook page overwhelmed by so many comments that they issued a response which claimed they had no relation to the abortion giant, but then admitted that five local chapters had indeed given money to Planned Parenthood.

I’m not sure that people will buy the line that shifts blame to its local affiliates. The national organization could easily require local chapters to adhere to a neutral policy on funding abortion groups. The March of Dimes should do some soul searching — if they truly are a group that “funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality,” then why allow local chapters to give money to an organization that sells the body parts of aborted babies?

What can you do to help?

Keep the pressure on. Share our Facebook post which includes a listing of the companies, and reach out to these companies and organizations on social media, and urge them to remove themselves from any affiliation with Planned Parenthood.


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