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Horrifying! Woman Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into ‘Bride Kidnapping’

A horrifying video shows a Kazakh woman shrieking and resisting “bride kidnapping,” an ancient custom reportedly on the rise in Kazakhstan.

The video was uploaded by Kazakh journalist Baurzhan Orda on Facebook Wednesday. It appears to have been filmed in a home, but it is unclear when or where in Kazakhstan it occurred. Orda received the video by a messaging app called WhatsApp, reports BuzzFeed.

Footage shows the woman kneeling down, detained by a man while two other women try to force her to wear a headscarf. According to custom, if the woman wears the scarf, she is consenting to the marriage.

Letting out chilling screams, the bride-to-be flails against their attempts and screams that she won’t put it on. Then, the woman quits fighting and appears to lose energy. She lays in another woman’s arms while observers fan her with a sheet and splash her with water.

Sometimes “bride kidnappings” can be consensual, as a way to avoid an expensive wedding, reports BuzzFeed. But perpetrators of forced abductions are rarely punished by law.

Outlawed during the Soviet rule, the custom has made a resurgence during the current nationalistic era despite being denounced by most Kazakhs.


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