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Amish Country Residents React To Caitlyn Jenner

Bill O’Reilly sent Fox News producer Jesse Watters to the heart of Amish country in Lancaster County, Penn., to film reactions to Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover for the segment Monday night.

“Have you seen the latest Vanity Fair cover?” Watters asks an Amish man standing in front of a row of buggies outside a produce market. “Do you know who that is?” he asks, pointing to a photo of the magazine cover.

“I don’t know her,” the Amish man replies.

“Good looking,” another resident says. “Put together right.”

“Is she a former Amish girl?” a Mennonite woman asks.

“Oh that’s nice, but I like them wide” another resident says, cracking himself up.

One man just shakes his head and turns away.

After getting an initial reaction, Watters informs each of them in turn that Caitlyn Jenner is technically a man. “This is actually Bruce Jenner,” he says. (RELATED: Writer Called C-Word For Observing That Caitlyn Jenner Has A Penis, Is A Man)

“That sure don’t look like it,” one man laughs.

The Amish man appears somewhat dumbfounded. “That is [a man]?” he asks, staring at the picture. Asked what he thinks about a man becoming a woman, he replies, “That’s ridiculous.”

Another woman said it’s her job to accept people as they are. “If it means being happy, then he should be happy,” she says. “She should be happy,” she quickly corrects herself.

“I like to remember Bruce in the glory days of his Olympic career,” another man says.

Watters asks one man how Kanye West must feel about this. “I don’t know her,” the man replies.

“I believe God’s word says it, and that settles it,” the Mennonite woman says. “Transgender is not God’s plan.”

“You live your life, and I’ll live mine,” another resident says.

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