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Student Calls Teacher The ‘N-Word,’ Gets SLAMMED

A substitute teacher at an elementary school in Phoenix is under investigation and facing possible assault charges after slamming a student to the ground after calling him a “nigger.”

The entire affair at Bernard Black Elementary was caught on students’ cell-phone cameras, and that footage was later acquired by a local Fox news station:


FOX 10 News |

In the video, the teacher, Brett Russell, is seen resisting an eighth-grade student who appears to be pushing up against him, before abruptly grabbing the boy and throwing him to the ground, hard. It’s unclear what started the altercation or why Russell used such sudden force, although the boy has apparently already admitted to calling him a “nigger” during the confrontation.

The boy’s mother says she wants the teacher sent to prison.

“I don’t care what words come out of a child’s mouth, no one should ever put their hands on a child like that,” she told Fox 10. “I want to press charges against him. I want him arrested.”

“You do everything to protect your kids, and you don’t send them to school thinking they are going to get hurt,” she said. “Thank God my son was okay. He could have hit his head, he could have gotten a concussion.”

Thus far, however, the police are still investigating the matter, and the Roosevelt School District has refused to comment on whether Russell will remain employed by them.

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