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England’s Prime Minister Just Ate A Hot Dog With Silverware

While making rounds on the campaign trail Monday, British Prime Minister David Cameron invited journalists and photographers to watch him eat hot dogs with a local family in a small coastal town in southern England called Poole.

Enjoying an Easter barbecue with the Dochertys – one of 22m households to benefit from today’s tax & benefit changes.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron) April 6, 2015


Cameron, who just wanted to show voters how much of a regular lad he is, was then caught on camera using silverware to eat a hot dog.

Dressed down in a casual blue shirt and with beer flowing, the conservative leader attempted to wait until cameras were out of the vicinity to dig in to his delicious dog, but one camera snapped a picture of the posh Cameron slicing up his sausage filled roll with the cutlery.

Cameron seemed to be trying hard to avoid the same gaffe made last year Ed Milliband, leader of England’s Labour Party and Cameron’s opponent in the upcoming election, when Milliband awkwardly ate a bacon sandwich while trying to prove how normal he is. Milliband only made it a few bites into his sandwich before his political handlers stepped in and removed the sandwich to avoid further embarrassment.

Ed Milliband awkwardly eating a bacon sandwich

This isn’t the first time Cameron has caught flak for his failed attempts to prove his every-man status. In 2011, Cameron ordered a crackdown on vehicle use by his government and vowed to bike to work every day. It later came to light that while Cameron did indeed cycle to work, his chauffeur followed closely behind him with the prime minister’s papers and shoes in an empty limousine.

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