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“Islam is an ideology. It’s not a race.” ~Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesperson

If you care about truth in today’s world culture…you’re going against the flow. Truth is the new “hate speech”, especially if that speech is about the new Leftist/Marxist victim of the moment: Islam.

According to the Left…taking its lead from Islam (Sharia Islamic Law)…if you even question Islam, you are committing a hate crime and are branded a racist. But there is a wee bit of a problem with this premise: Islam…is NOT a race, hence the racist label is void!

Let’s look at the simple facts (a foreign concept to Leftists):
— There are Muslims in almost every culture on earth today, including: Arab, Persian (Iran), Chinese, Indian, African and Mexican.
— The ideology of Islam can be found among people of every skin hue.
— Islam is not a genetic variation/mutation that can be passed on through heredity.

Islam is a belief system that can only be followed by choice, not inherited by DNA. (In the case of Islam, that choice is under duress.)

So, why is anyone who questions or is critical of Islam, labeled racist? Because fear works.

Those that hate truth wield the term “racist” like Muhammed’s sword to cut off the virtual tongue of any that would question Islam’s dictates. Muhammed was a clever politician who knew that people generally respected religious convictions, so he stole from Judaism, Christianity and the pagan religions of the day and used it as a cloak (burqa) for his totalitarian system known as Islam.

Today, as was designed by the inventor of the term (Leon Trotsky, founder/leader of the Red Army), “racist” is used to strike trepidation in the hearts of those who value their native culture and traditions and seek to preserve them.

Preserving Western values? Islam will have none of that, because its prophet dictated that Muslims rule…and not like sports fans claim about their team, but LITERALLY, over the entire planet.

And with the help of their Leftist/Marxist minions…they’ll use “racist” or any other term, to reach that tyrannical goal.

Shalom through strength…

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