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We Deserve a Climate of Freedom


James Lea who filmed Regcession is working with Lord Monckton on a new film to expose the propaganda behind the global warming hoax.

Climate of Freedom is being described as a pilgrimage of truth against the profiteers of doom.  And make no mistake about it, while Leftists love to demonize the energy and manufacturing industry (you know, the ones who make virtually every aspect of our modern life of convenience possible), there is a huge amount of profit to be made from global warming hysteria. From the grant money that lines the pockets of “scientists” willing to use “fudged” computer models to manufacture a prophecy of doom, to the politicians who line their pockets with money from radical environmentalist groups, some people are making out…at the expense of regular people like you and me.

Watch for the upcoming film later this year. Help spread the word and support the film in any way you can. The Left has a lot of money and resources to spread their propaganda; the truth has mostly just little people like you and me. But that’s okay, because Samuel Adams is still right:

It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

And make no mistake: this fight is about freedom.

BarbWire Books is pleased to announce

Homosexual Agenda and the US Military

Dr. Sonny Hernandez

Homosexual Agenda and the US Military is a field manual for US service members and military chaplains. This Gospel-Centered, polemical book exposes the homosexual agenda that adversely affects Religious Liberty for Christians. There are several homosexual activists that will demand equality and tolerance. However, homosexual activists are not so equal or tolerant towards anyone that disagrees with their position on same sex marriage or transgenderism. They will claim to love all, but they really do not mean all—they mean agenda. This is because the homosexual agenda has a definition for inclusivity—their way or the highway.


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