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TIME Magazine Runs Shameless Gay Male ‘F-You!’ to Everyone Else


This TIME Magazine piece is breathtaking in its arrogance:

Stephen Friess here claims that other groups like women, the poor, and people of color have to “earn” the support of the LGBT movement. I guess he expects groveling and the firstborn.

Read the article from start to finish. It’s a textbook case of what not to do when you have the temptation to be overconfident. The truth is, the public support for gay activism did not actually go very deep. I have long been saying that the high numbers of people who say to pollsters that they want to legalize gay marriage must include a large number of people who are tired of the debate and want gay activists to shut up and leave them alone.

Not all, but many of those polled, when they say, “yes, legalize gay marriage,” are really saying, “promise me I don’t have to hear from gay activists complaining all the time anymore.”

In a classic case of misreading, gay activists heard, “the public is behind us, they want to hear MORE MORE MORE from us!” So they rewarded the public for supporting gay marriage by doing exactly what the public wanted them not to do: They kept talking and talking and hogging all the attention in the public square.

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