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For Our Friends Who Call Themselves ‘Gay’


Women are emotional, that’s our strong point, and when you put two women together in intimacy, you’ve got drama all over the place. It’s like a soap opera on steroids. That’s something that most women in a lesbian relationship will not tell you. You know, GOD made men more sexually driven, and women are just more emotionally driven. And that’s the beauty of men and women coming together in partnership: Somehow, it balances out. Men and women balance each other out. But when you put men together sexually, you get guys who become unsatisfied and always looking for something more. That’s why some “gay” men go through a hundred relationships, some even a thousand. It’s similar when two women become sexual together: There is nothing but emotion, turmoil, and all kinds of upheaval.

– Robin Teresa Beck (former lesbian)

How can anybody think that different behaviors will have the same outcomes?

The chances of getting STDs from your opposite sex spouse is rare, if that is who you are only having sex with. STDs that occur in the heterosexual context almost always have to do with promiscuity. This is a fact, because before the sexual revolution when our culture as a whole was encouraging each other to wait until man and woman marriage, society only had 2 STDs to contend with (syphilis and gonorrhea) and both were treatable (not to mention, they typically came from overseas). Now we have almost 30 and most of them there is no cure for. People who engage in homosexual practice not only get STDs, mutating untreatable strands typically start within their community.

As far as HIV goes, it’s only common sense that an increase of using the rectum, which primary purpose is waste disposal, for sexual intercourse, is going to increase HIV infection rates, not decrease them. If a man has anal sex with a woman, he is committing a homosexual act on a woman, being that in homosexual acts the rectum is always the substitute for the vagina, so think about that next time you want to degrade your wife…even if she says she enjoys it…that doesn’t make the act less degrading or more right.

Even with the use of a condom and lubricant, the rectum is lined with a delicate columnar epithelium, only one cell thick, in marked contrast to the stratified squamous lining of the vagina, which is much more resiliant. The vagina is designed to allow things to come and go. (See this video illustration:

For further clarification, sex, if not ordered toward the natural end of procreation (one man-one woman), is basically a masturbatory and narcissistic act. All anal sex whether practiced between same-sex or opposite sex couples is inherently sterile in nature. The defining and inherent NATURE of homosexual sex is STERILITY. This applies whether the couple is male or female, and whether they engage in anal sex or not. The defining nature of anal sex is also sterility. Whether practiced between members of the same or opposite sex, it can never lead to new life. Therefore it is a sexual act on par with homosexuality.

What about oral sex, you say? It depends on the point of the oral sex, whether it’s done as an end in itself (sterile) or as an arousal leading to a fruitful end (male-female union). The presence of a male and a female alone, even with problems with infertility, there is ALWAYS a chance that only the male-woman union will result in procreative end. There is NEVER that chance with homosexual couples and they have to use heterosexual means to appropriate children. Homosexuality often ends up having to sit in the lap of heterosexuality in order to slap it in its face. Borrowing from what you reject in order to justify the extreme opposite reveals the shakey cardboard foundation of the homosexual worldview.

As one of the greatest critical thinkers of our time states,

Persons caught up in homosexual practice often use the argument that same-sex attraction is their natural inclination and since their attraction is — in their view — “natural,” they believe that same-sex relationships are “moral” and therefore must be affirmed by government. However, it is also natural that their sexual relationships are sterile. Whereas sterility in a man-woman relationship is a sign of some defect or disorder, sterility in a homosexual relationship is the way it is intended to be. Sterility is the natural condition of homosexual acts. Therefore, one could argue that they should not violate their natural design by appropriating children. – Laurie Higgins (Illinois Family Institute)

So for even further clarification, with a man-woman coupling there is always a chance of a procreative end to whatever the sexual intimacy they engage in, even in cases where infertility is an issue, because infertility is an accidental privation and not a substantial one. Anal sex between a man and a woman can also lead to the procreative end, but still should be avoided based on the fact that it’s extremely destructive and damaging for reasons already stated above. Oral sex and mutual masturbation (See: 1 Corinthians 7:4) however, is not (or may be in a very minimal and rare exception), as long as it is kept within one man-one woman committed monogamous marriage.

This is why GOD’s view of sexuality remains one man-one woman within a monogamous committed marriage ONLY.

Also, if you research the news regarding all of the HIV scares within the straight porn industry, as promiscuous as they are, their HIV scares have all occurred when somebody was also having sex with the same sex either as an escort or they had sex with somebody who had sex with someone of the same sex. In other words, they have all been linked to homosexual practice one way or another.

If you dig deeper into the reports and findings of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), you’ll find that the HIV category for heterosexual women requires includes the following reported behaviors: That their heterosexual sex partner was: 1.) an injecting drug user (IDU), 2.) a bisexual man, 3.) HIV-infected from blood or blood products or 4.) HIV-infected with no known behavioral risk factor.  77% are attributed to sex with an HIV-infected person, risk not specified…

Same-sex “marriage” is legislation that endorses and affirms homosexual sex as a positive good. It is a sexual behavior that is not equal to sex between a man and a woman; again, different behaviors result in different outcomes….and it is definitely NOT a positive good. The fact is, homosexual sex is an unnatural and unhealthy practice, and should be discouraged at least the same way we discourage cigarette smoking.

Again, same sex “marriage” is an endorsement of a very risky behavior, so we must constantly point out the health risks associated with it.

Keep in mind, women who have sex with women have their own subset of health issues, so don’t believe the myth that lesbian sex and relationships have little to no medical risk.

Plus, what HIV rates are to men who have sex with men, emotional and psychological illness rates are to women who have sex with women.

The NCADV reports (and they’re not the only ones), that lesbian relationships have the highest rates of domestic violence than any other couple type…

The medical/public health issue is not just extremely important, but also imperative, and should not be ignored. To ignore it, is the equivalent of letting a friend drive off a cliff. We warn people with the desire to smoke that they are (or will be) at much higher risk for lung cancer, emphysema, etc. So why not the same warning about the consequences when it comes to those who engage and act out their homosexual attractions and desires?

This link compiles more independent medical data that society needs to be aware of….

And anybody who continues to think or believe that affirming and encouraging homosexual practice via legislation will reduce these ills, think again

There is hope though. That is, focus on 1 Corinthians 6:11. Reality confirms it.

Over a hundred (and increasing) authentic stories from men and women who have made lasting change in their sexualities.

Over a hundred MORE (and increasing) authentic stories from men and women who have made lasting change in their sexualities.

This article published in AARP (an healthcare organization that has over 35 million members) says “sexual orientation” can change…

Rate of Change for Overcoming Homosexuality…

Even the APA, that holds a deep political bias towards homosexual activism, as a result of having a homosexual activist political caucus on the board of directors (See APA: AGLP & Division 44); even the pro-homosexual APA even had to concede the therapy is not harmful:

On the basis of the Task Force’s findings, the APA encourages mental health professionals to provide assistance to those who seek sexual orientation change by utilizing affirmative multiculturally competent (Bartoli & Gillem, 2008; Brown, 2006) and client-centered approaches (e.g., Beckstead & Israel, 2007; Glassgold, 2008; Haldeman, 2004; Lasser & Gottlieb, 2004) …

So what can you do? Where do you start? Well first keep this in mind, The beauty of GOD’s creation is this: if you’re not willing to accept Christianity, then you’re free to reject it. This freedom to make choices, even the freedom to reject truth, is what makes us moral creatures (rather than animals or robots), and enables each of us to choose our ultimate destiny. GOD has provided enough evidence in this life to convince anyone willing to believe, yet He has also left some ambiguity, so as not to compel the unwilling. In this way, GOD gives us the opportunity either to love Him or to reject Him, without violating our freedom.

Anyway, homosexuality wasn’t my vice, but I’ve had enough communication with “out and proud” homosexuals, former homosexuals, therapists, and ministers that I think I can offer some good advice here. Now I know homosexual activists get all crazy when this comparison is made, but treat your homosexual desires like alcoholism. The first step is to not be around anything or anybody that drinks. With overcoming same sex attraction (SSA), it’s the same in the beginning. That is, until you have a solid spiritual foundation, you have to stay away from people who are into and encouraging of homosexual behavior and surround yourself with people who will actively help you resist homosexuality…kind of like AA people have sponsors. Unlike AA though, I believe the sponsor should be somebody who doesn’t have SSA or at least has reached a point where their SSA happens just on an occasional passing/fleeting moment on a rare occasion. Keep in mind, stress in life often triggers bad desires.

Sexual issues are things that attack us from the inside out more than any other vice, so it’s important to have encouraging and supportive friends that are in agreement that resisting homosexual behavior is what is really freeing. If you think that these people are only frothing at the mouth red-neck screaming Christians, you’ve been duped by homosexual and mainstream media propaganda. Whether they have same sex attraction or not, also surrounding yourself with friends who don’t sexualize everything, is not only very important, but imperative.

Next, is the issue of pornography. Pornography, even man-woman porn is homosexual in nature, because it takes sex and degrades it to be about self pleasure for the viewer. Homosexuality is about an attraction towards “sameness.” And since pornography directs pleasure towards self-arousal, and does so initially even when watched with a partner, it has the same narcissistic element to it. This is difficult to explain and hard for the average person to understand at first, but as you continue your walk towards being more Christ-like, it will begin to make sense. Avoiding pornography is a key element in helping overcoming same sex attraction.

Third, talk about your childhood with a therapist who respects the fact that you want to overcome SSA. Discuss any emotional, mental, or physical trauma or pain that may have occurred throughout your life. Discuss what your temperament is like, figure out what it is like and you can learn/train to adjust your temperament to be more balanced via methods like cognitive behavior therapy. Discuss things that happened in your life that you may have thought of as “no big deal” or “normal,” but deep down inside you really still don’t know if it was. Get to the heart of your feelings about your parents and others in your life growing up and up till now that have made an impact on how it made you feel and think at the time and how you feel or how you think today.

Seek and learn forgiveness; forgive those who hurt you. And if you have to confront them to “get it all out,” do so. Forgive yourself for your own mistakes. Most of all, ask GOD to forgive them and ask Jesus to forgive them. Ask GOD into your life and to forgive you too.

Finally and most importantly, pray more, for reasons I already stated above, but also pick up the Bible and read it more. Study GOD’s Word, not with the mind-set of how it will make your life better, but with the mind, heart, and soul-set that you want to know GOD and the Nature of GOD, and that you want to glorify Him in and throughout the rest of your life.

I hope you will come to recognize that (1.) the abuse you’ve endured is not your fault, (2.) that you are NOT dirty, (3.) that the path to happiness and more importantly joy, is much bigger and greater than ourselves and what our wants and desires are, and (4.) through Jesus Christ and the Grace of GOD, you will connect more and more to that REAL amazing person you really are INSIDE, that person you’ve (AND WE HAVE ALL HAVE BEEN GUILTY OF THIS) been letting the world make you believe is “who you are.”

Because at that point, no matter what is happening in your life and around you, you will always be able to feel peace and happiness from the inside out. That can ONLY be achieved through Christ.

If and when you’re ready to take that first step, here’s a prayer that I wanted to share it with you…

“Jesus, I have sinned. I’ve done wrong. I’ve hurt you, hurt others, and I’ve hurt myself. I am sorry. I repent. Please forgive me. Wash me clean and make me new. I give my entire life to you. Please come into my heart fully. Be my Savior, my Lord, and my very Best Friend. From this moment forward, I am Yours and my entire life is in Your hands. Please come live your life in me. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

If you prayed this deeply from your whole heart, meaning you are ready to accept your sin as sin, no longer be prideful in your sin, and are ready to work at overcoming it rather than trying to falsely validate it as “love” or “freedom,” well here is GOD’s Promise (from Scripture) to you:

For this is the Covenant
That I will make…
I will put My laws in their mind
And write them in their hearts.
And I will be their GOD,
And they shall be My people
Whom ever Calls upon the name of the Lord, Shall Be Saved.

Blessings to you.

P.S. Be prepared after you surrender to Christ, for the first year or two especially, you may be bombarded with more temptation than you have ever experienced before. Satan tries to step up his onslaught on our souls when we surrender to Christ. If you slip up, get up and keep moving forward, ALWAYS recognizing that it was wrong, a mistake.Strive with all your will and with all your heart, mind, and soul, to deny those temptations and desires (of which may feel natural, but are still wrong), and always seek the Lord for solace and guidance. Surround yourself with people in your life that are on the same page. That’s not just important, it’s imperative. As for balancing GOD’S law with GOD’S grace, once you have surrendered to Jesus Christ as your one and only Savior, see yourself as fully accepted by GOD, because of what Jesus did, as if you never sinned, and then out of love for Him, seek and strive to live a holy life. As time progresses, it will get easier, and you will grow stronger in Jesus Christ.

This article was updated December 23, 2014.


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