Pro-Lifer Sandra Cano has Died


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


Sandra Cano, the plaintiff in the Doe v. Bolton case, the companion case to Roe v. Wade, has died.

Cano was an unwilling participant in the case that legalized abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy. The broad ability to kill children was due to the “health exception” given in Doe v. Bolton which defines health as “physical emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age”–in other words, health means whatever you want it to mean, so abortions continue unchecked.

Sandra Cano never consented for her name to be used in the case. She said, “They connected my name to a case that I never knew about…never participated in, never believed in.” Sandra Cano, an unwilling pawn to fuel the abortion industry.

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