Special Delivery: It’s Life or Death


(1 min Audio Report – Faith2Action)


There’ a special delivery being made to Governor John Kasich tomorrow. It’s a delivery of 70 empty baby outfits, The tag’s message is direct:

Governor Kasich:

Every day in Ohio, 70 babies with beating hearts are brutally killed by abortion–something you pledged to END (not just regulate).  These are not statistics.  They are real babies who will fill these clothes if only you will call upon the legislature to pass the Heartbeat Bill for you to sign into law. 

Please make protecting these babies a top priority before the election.  The price of inaction is far too high.

Join us at the Ohio Statehouse tomorrow morning as we make an “Appeal to Heaven” prior to the deliveries.

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Necropolis: A mysterious stranger, proclaiming a dangerous creed… A jihadist preparing for paradise… A humanist, a priest, an abortionist, zealous for a new world order… The President of the United States, eager to secure his place in history… The city where the ancient battle is rejoined.


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