Is it Your Fault, Mark Levin? Or Rudy Guiliani?


What did we expect?   Conservatives in the USA make fun of President Barack Obama spending all his time attending fund-raisers. But they never seemed to notice that Barack Obama is raising funds. Conservatives can’t seem to figure out that what Democrats do at fund-raisers is they actually raise money. Then Democrats win elections.

As news broke of the preposterous indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry Friday night, Mark Levin – dubbed “the Great One” by Rush Limbaugh – was outraged, despondent, flummoxed and grumpy. All at once. Levin clearly felt and expressed that a line had been crossed (yet again). This wasn’t just about horse-race politics – who’s up, who’s down. We are losing the basic integrity of our Republic. Watching the USA’s traditions dissolve is eery.

But how did we get here?   The Travis County prosecutor feels no hesitation abusing his office to manipulate the 2016 Presidential election, despite embarrassing video. Democrats keep winning elections in Travis County. And how would conservatives fix this without defeating Democrats in real campaigns?

Bill Clinton came out of the White House gate aggressively raising money for every Democrat running for office he could find. He had just been impeached, disbarred, and publicly humiliated for his extreme violations of workplace laws with a subordinate. Oh, geez we have to put an “etc.” down or the list could go on for pages. A thousand reasons for Clinton to go hide in shame didn’t stop him from filling campaign coffers for Democrat candidates everywhere.

Al Gore was out there for a while. Joe Biden is raising funds. Conservatives make fun of Hollywood types, but they certainly are busy.

So who is doing the equivalent on the Republican side in U.S. elections? Well, exactly nobody.

This author was shocked to learn that at least three Republican state parties could not get any headliner for GOP events over this summer – even with the help of the Republican National Committee. North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Delaware got no help from any national Republican to build the state party or raise party funds. That’s what the chair of one of those state parties told me in writing. Note that this is for the party. So if you don’t like one candidate over another, that’s not an issue.

I listened to Mark Levin roasting Barack Obama over the last few weeks. And of course the issue is that Obama never actually does the job of President. But it suddenly struck me: Who on the Republican side is doing anything similar to help Republicans win elections?

Where is Rudy Guiliani? Is America’s Mayor traveling from city to city packing out banquet halls at $2,600 a person (the maximum donation)?   Ummm… Why not? Well “It’s not my job. Must be someone else’s job.” You can’t expect Rudy to do everything, can you?

Imagine if Sarah Palin had spent the last five years raising money for Republican campaigns as methodically, persistently, and assertively as Bill Clinton did after leaving the White House? Today Republicans in the USA would hold the U.S. Senate, the White House, and the U.S. House of Representatives, and would be posed to appoint a majority of Supreme Court Justices committed to the actual Constitution.

You have to ask what is the measure of what you believe?   Republican leaders who won’t back down on their positions are rare indeed. But if a person never puts what they say they believe into action, do they really believe it?

This author proposes the galoshes test. If you don’t actually put on your galoshes to go out in the snow, you don’t really believe what you claim.  If your galoshes stay dry by the door, then you don’t believe what you say.

So Mark Levin is on the radio every weeknight. Isn’t that enough? Well, take a look at the headlines in tomorrow’s newspaper. They will tell you. Then check your galoshes.

Sarah Palin sends out tweets from her kitchen table in Wasilla, Alaska. Isn’t that enough? How would we know if maybe it’s time to bump that up a notch?   Why should she have to do any more than that?   Well, is life fair?

George “W” Bush went home from the White House to Waco to paint paintings of Barney. When the nation is going down the tubes, self-expression can be a very fulfilling hobby. But is that how Democrats win elections?

George “H” Bush the Elder went home to (wherever that is) to go sky diving. Well, you just can’t appear to be too pushy, you know. Wouldn’t be prudent. Sure the world may be falling apart. But you have to look good, too.

Now, let’s be clear:   Neither “W” nor “H” wanted to seem to be intruding into the national discussion. They wanted to be fair to the next guy in the Oval Office. They were playing it polite. But who said life is fair?

Mike Huckabee has remained popular. If Mitt Romney spoke at a dinner for State parties or candidates, would people buy a ticket to attend?

But here is the problem: If leaders don’t stay in the public eye, leaders will be forgotten. Can Alan Keyes give a good speech?   Would Fred Thompson make a pretty good evening? They cannot hide in the shadows and still remain popular.

Where is Newt Gingrich? Okay, now we get into where some Republicans might prefer one 2012 candidate over another. But who cares? Some will, some won’t, so what?   If you hold a fund-raiser with Newt, a lot of people would turn out. Others wouldn’t. So what?

Same with Rick Santorum. Whether he is your cup of tea, I don’t really care. I could fill a banquet hall with donors. Others can skip that night and go to the next fund-raiser on the rotating program.

How about Ron Paul? Some may disagree with his flavor of Republican politics. Others would tear a hole in the wall for a chance to get in and attend a fund-raiser led by him.   Don’t Democrats have differences of opinion?

What happened to Herman Cain? One day he is the front-runner in enthusiasm for the Republican nomination. The next day… was he required to completely disappear? If you were a candidate, could you fill a room with Herman Cain as the main speaker?

Let’s say your son or daughter, brother or sister, or friend decides to run for office and make a difference. What do you expect them to do? How do you imagine they are going to raise enough money to get elected and change things?   We simply say that Republicans need to win more elections. Okay, how, exactly?

Without the same level of commitment by Republicans to actually win, good candidates are simply going to waste a lot of their personal time and go nowhere. When it comes to campaign funding, we are telling our fellow Republicans short on bread to “just eat cake.”

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  • lordhelmet

    When mainstream republicans return to their roots; fiscal responsibility (not the insider crony capitalism Wall Street Casino where the insiders win but the taxpayers lose), limited government, the rule of law (especially at the border), and unbending constitutional principles, rather than being democrat lites…. then I’ll send them some of my hard earned money.

    Not before.

  • Kentfromohio

    Is this author truly this uninformed? Sarah Palin has been a one woman electioneering machine over the past 6 years. She got Ted Cruz elected. She got Rand Paul elected. She got other elected too numerous to list. Sarah Palin has been doing what this author is asking for. And she did it with Mark Levin’s help. Mark Levin has done everything possible to inform the electorate and energize the base and educate the non educated. For this author to ask what have these two done is to declare himself completely ignorant of what is going on. He says he “contacted the RNC” Well that is about the most worthless organization around so it is telling he called them. They in fact do raise lots of money. All of it is spent defeating conservatives and trying to get a comprehensive amnesty bill passed so 30 million new Democrats can begin voting real soon.

  • Al

    Jonathan, with respect, I believe you are making a fundamental assumption (or presumption) that the Republicans want to win elections. They do not, not in the way that Democrats do. I call this my “Harlem Globetrotter” theory. You’ve heard of the Globetrotters, I take it? They play exhibition basketball. When they play, they have a “goof” team against whom they play, which has been the Washington Generals for umpteen years. (The Globetrotters have been around since the 20’s, incidentally) But my point is, the job security of the Washington Generals—not necessarily as the individual team players at any given time—but the team as an ongoing entity—is precisely the same as the HG’s. Because in a two party system, the job security of the #2 party is the same as the #1 party. Republicans really do not care if they get elected. For the most part they are browbeaten into submission and believe they can never really win a la Reagan again because they subconciously believe they are racist homophobe misogynists, etc; Win, lose, or draw, sadly, all they really care about is to get whatever opportunity they can to feed on whatever scraps are left on the rapidly decaying corpse of America.

    This is why most establishment Republicans hate the Tea Party and Conservatives in general even more than they hate Democrats. The average or even slightly above average intelligence person who happens to be a Republican cannot fathom why the GOP is branded the party of the rich when virtually any and all politically active billionaires are Dem contributors. They can’t fathom why women view them as anti-woman when they want to shut down ghastly, filthy abortion clinics. They don’t understand why Blacks hate Republicans even though most Democrats want to import millions of illegals who will forever foreclose upon any remaining shred of Black employment/upward mobility. And these are indeed quandaries. but they know they cannot win this battle. Hence, they really just want to be the #2 party, grift what they can grift like any good politician wants to, and retain their priveleges.