American Depravity: Are we a Modern Day Pompeii?


Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law spoke on Saturday, along with an all star lineup of Christian leaders from across the nation, at the “Celebrate America” event in Washington D.C. Staver’s powerful presentation was titled, Living in the Shade of Vesuvius.

Thousands were in attendance at DAR Constitution Hall for this clarion call to spiritual and political revival. The goal behind the event was to “commemorate the Declaration of Independence and what the Constitution of the United States has meant to this land. We will celebrate the heritage of America and our Founding Fathers,” explained event organizers in advance, “who acknowledged ‘firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.’ We will remember The Great Spiritual Awakenings of this land, the impact of which they made, and The Great Awakening that is soon to come.”


Mat Staver

Mr. Staver drew a chilling parallel between the destruction that befell ancient Pompeii as that pagan civilization spiraled into utter depravity. Regrettably, and amid America’s ongoing abortion holocaust and our nations celebration of homosexual mock “marriage” and other forms of sexual immorality, Staver warned that, unless America repents as a nation and returns to the Judeo-Christian principles of her founding, we too may face a similar fate.

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