Refreshing Our Independence


Not for Kings, Rulers or “cool” people, have millions of citizen-heroes been willing to sacrifice everything, but for cherished, well-defined, and time honored principles. Duty. Honor. Country. These are the ideas for which millions have and will serve, fight and die.

Whenever any elected guardian of our most sacred and honored principles goes rogue, he insults the sacrifices of millions and disrespects his oath to all.

Hard evidence combined with basic common sense clearly indicate our current President has, and continues to, criminally and flagrantly commit impeachable offenses. To highlight one impeachable crime with indisputable facts, let’s examine just one “phony scandal”, the dismissive phrase Obama uses to minimize his critic’s complaints.

IRS – Judge, Jury, Executioner

Perhaps the most ominous of all Obama Administration scandals involves the very federal agency that most closely reflect Obama’s mindset. With few checks and balances, the IRS operates with “a pen and a phone” autonomy, empowered to: 1) allege a citizen’s error (issue a subpoena), 2) investigate the alleged citizen (prosecute the accused), 3) pass judgment on the citizen based on an internal IRS investigation (serve as the jury), and 4) impose IRS fines, penalties and/or imprisonment if the targeted citizen is deemed guilty (serving as the Judge). A one-stop agency where citizens are assumed guilty until proven innocent. An omnipotent government entity, the very likes of which our Founders so despised they sacrificed everything to defeat.

A simple review of Obama’s so-called “phony” IRS scandals reveals outlandish lies by our nation’s highest elected official and his appointees. In brief: Just two, low-level, Cincinnati IRS agents were involved in targeting conservatives (false); IRS targeted both liberal and conservative groups (false); No IRS agency collusion occurred with the White House (false); No IRS coordination with the DOJ occurred (false); “Not even a smidgen of IRS Corruption!” (Obama’s notorious Super Bowl Sunday, televised lie before the entire world); Seven IRS hard drives crashed, in two locations (Washington, DC, and Cincinnati), at almost the exact same time, within 10 days of emails being requested from seven IRS associates (let’s get real); IRS emails are only stored on an individual user’s computer hard drives (patently false); destroying computer hard drives eliminates all email back-up files (laughably untrue); Former IRS executive, Louis Lerner, by exercising her 5th Amendment rights before Congress, knowingly withheld critical information (obstruction);

A Black, White and True America

Obama’s repeated, “I have a pen and a phone” public proclamations indicate his premeditated intent to assume Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers by his lonesome. He operates under the assumption that, by simply acknowledging a public opinion poll of his choosing, he’s empowered with the authority to ignore the separation of powers engineered into our US Constitution. He boasts, “If the Congress won’t act, I will!” Anyone with a ninth grade understanding of our US system of government understands that Obama’s own words serve to damn him. He simply can’t ignore “the people’s house”, assume control of all three branches of government, and act. Our self-proclaimed constitutional law professor President knows this truth, yet he operates with malicious disregard for the legal limits of his office.

When anyone attempts to take control over all three branches of our U.S. government, Americans should realize the nightmare scenario this consolidated power represents. Over the last eighteen (18) months, the U.S. Supreme Court has, thirteen (13) times, unanimously (9-0) struck down President Obama for violating the US Constitution. Thirteen (13) times, the US Supreme Court has declared Obama’s unilateral executive orders to be flat-out unconstitutional. Will Obama deem the Supreme Court to phony? Nine constitutional experts, not the GOP, have rebuked Obama in a manner like no other President. Obama’s dismissive rhetoric isn’t rational, logical or trustworthy. His arrogant refusal to respect Congress or the Supreme Court indicates a dangerously unstable personality.

If we don’t stop Obama, we risk establishing a dangerous new American precedence. Future Presidents may well assume Obama’s unilateral, unconstitutional powers. What if they were to select their favorite public opinion polls and with an executive signature, deem abortion illegal, eliminate federal income taxes on businesses, mandate Christian studies in grades k-12, or exports all illegal aliens by stating “The majority of Americans approve and, because Congress won’t act, I must!” Perhaps a future President deems shutting down the Department of Education as absolutely essential, Congress be damned. My liberal friends, what say you?

Be it Resolved

Friends, we simply can’t have it both ways. Either we accept “rule by cool” or a government run by sacred principles and sound laws. Will ours be a homeland with distributed checks and balances or a land ruled by a quasi-Emperor? It’s our decision.

Government is but a necessary evil. If men were Angels, there would be no need for government. Obama’s supportive fans seem to cling more to an idolatry of personality than belief in a set of laws and principles. A recent Washington Post excerpt from an article written by a liberal law professor and a conservative U.S. Senator reads;

“It will not be easy, but the costs of inaction are far higher. We need to look beyond this administration — and ourselves — to act not like politicians but the statesmen that the framers hoped we could be.”

The delicate balance of powers of our constitutional form of government is on life support. There’s no better time than this 4th of July holiday for Americans to realize our nation won her independence from a tyrannical King, and agree we have no interest in allowing one to return.

On this 4th of July, let’s each reflect on the sacred honor our forefathers placed above everything, swallow our personal pride, suspend our petty bickering, and begin anew. Yes, there is certainly enough blame to be spread across both political parties. Today, we can only address the immediate crisis of extreme governmental lawlessness and disrespect for our constitution.

May God continue to bless us all, and let us forgive each other and ourselves of our many sins. Let’s commit to ridding ourselves of caustic narcissists, failed politicians and an imperial President. The perfect detox to pass the blockage in our body politic is impeachment.

Happy birthday, America.

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