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Elites are Conspiring to Legalize ‘Gay Marriage’ at the Supreme Court as soon as 2015


On May 11, 2013, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg surprised her audience at the University of Chicago Law School by criticizing Roe v Wade as a bad decision. Not because she opposes the brutal murder of unborn children in the womb, of course, but because, she said, the people weren’t quite ready for abortion on demand to be imposed on the entire nation, as Roe did, causing a social and political backlash that continues to the present day.

“Ginsburg would have rather seen the justices make a narrower decision that struck down only the Texas law that brought the matter before the court,” wrote the Associated Press. “That law allowed abortions only to save a mother’s life. A more restrained judgment would have sent a message while allowing momentum to build at a time when a number of states were expanding abortion rights.”

I suspected immediately that the purpose of Ginsberg’s comments was to telegraph a warning to the political left that SCOTUS was NOT going to find a constitutional right to “gay marriage” in their upcoming ruling on U.S. v Windsor which was issued just six weeks later on June 26th, an outcome I predicted in an article on June 23rd headlined “A Warning to the Church in America“.

But with the warning came also an implied promise: that the elite powers for whom she was speaking would orchestrate the “momentum” which would justify an inevitable SCOTUS recognition of “gay marriage” as a “constitutional right.”

Sure enough, in the wake of Windsor, 13 activist federal judges in 13 states (including the most socially conservative states of the union) have struck down state Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) laws, creating “momentum” by judicial fiat and attempting to evoke a sense of resignation in the populace. Significantly, the scorecard is 13-0 for the “gays,” showing just how morally corrupt our federal judiciary has become.

This week a three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to strike down the Utah DOMA, making it the first to be ruled upon at the appellate level. The decision was stayed pending trial, which will probably occur late this year or early next year with a final decision coming down in June of 2015.

Utah could be the case which Ginsberg and her pals will use to keep their promise to the left, IF they believe they can pull it off without triggering widespread cultural backlash. That IF is our ray of hope.

Now, more than ever, it is important for the pro-family movement to fight back against the “gay” agenda and to firmly reject the Elites’ Marxist rhetorical presumption of inevitable victory in “the tide of history.”

Ginsberg revealed the chink in their armor: public resistance! The pro-family movement is already stronger than the pro-life movement was in 1973. Perhaps if we push back hard enough against this latest social engineering scheme we can prevent SCOTUS from cursing us with an LGBT Roe v Wade. Lets get to work!

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  • Persephone Sixty-Six

    Scott, you are not going to do for America what you did to Uganda. Now go cry in your bible.

  • Boo

    The pro segregation movement was also stronger in 1954 than the pro life movement was in 1973. Didn’t help them much in the wake of Brown.

  • ErickMN

    Who in the world cares what Lively thinks about anything? He’s been charged with Crimes Against Humanity. He’s the lowest form of human slime. Ish.

    • Scott Lanway

      Calling him human is an insult to the rest of us.

      • ErickMN

        Good point. My apologies.

  • Cheyenne W.

    Oh yay! Every good conspiracy theory begins with something about the “elites.” But, at least you’re on to something…. The USSC will most likely soon take one of these SSM cases, and it’s pretty doubtful that they are going to rule against so many district courts and a court of appeals. Mr. Lively, you might want to keep that job running the coffee house since your side is losing so badly and the chance that you’re going to become the next governor of Massachusetts is slightly less than nil… Now if we could only get your passport revoked so that you couldn’t wonder around the world instigating crimes against humanity. Then you could sit at home and pout.

    • Boo

      Let’s just hope that coffee house doesn’t hire any more sex offenders.

  • MDB

    The sooner they try your behind in Massachusetts and throw you in the most notorious, disgusting prison for Crimes against Humanity, the better-off society will be. It’s too bad we don’t use chemical castration, or worse, as punishment. There is nothing severe enough for this sub-human creature.

  • nowaRINO

    “IF they believe they can pull it off without triggering widespread cultural backlash.”

    C’mon Mr Lively, you can read the same poll results as the rest of us. The majority favors civil marriage equality. The backlash will be from a small minority who thinks their particular interpretation of the Bible trumps the Constitution.

    • Cheyenne W.

      You’re putting a lot of stock in his ability to read polling data that conflicts with his world view.

      • fredk

        Or more importantly, conflicts with his ability to bring in donations.

  • Ron Swaren

    “Marriage equality…” Yeah, that’s the trojan horse. They won’t be content there. Evidenced by how many troll show up, when this topic comes up on Barbwire.