Macy’s New Parade Not for Families


Macys1A coalition of pro- family and Christian groups is launching a campaign to inform American families about the unfortunate role of Macy’s, Inc. Department Stores and affiliates in supporting “gay pride” parades in cities throughout the nation.

Many people have no idea how radical these parades are,” said Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values of Cincinnati. “The events and activities of a typical ‘pride’ week-end are decadent and highly-sexualized, deliberately so. They are a disgrace to communities, and certainly shouldn’t be financially supported by a retailer like Macy’s that claims to serve families.”

Sex parades in many cities, among them New York City, Columbus, Phoenix, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Seattle, and Kansas City, are supported by Macy’s sponsorship. In Orlando, Macy’s is the “presenting sponsor” of the parade.

The red star that has become Macy’s logo can often be seen floating as a balloon high above the marchers in these parades, and Macy’s employees march in the parade with signs and T-shirts that read “Pride and Joy” Yet some of their fellow parade participants are partially-clothed and engaged in simulated sex acts, even while children are present. Some official floats and signage mock man/woman marriage in support of same sex “marriage,” and others mock sincerely held Christian faith. Is this the climate Macy’s wants to support?Macys2

Macy’s also has a history of discriminating against people of faith while supporting the agenda of radical sexual activists. In 2011, Macy’s fired employee Natalie Johnson in San Antonio, Texas when she tried to prevent a male dressing as a female from entering the women’s dressing room.

Natalie prevented entry by the man because of her Christian faith, as well as to protect the privacy of women customers. Yet even though religion is a protected class under Macy’s corporate non-discrimination policy, the retailer sided with the transgendered customer’s so-called “rights” under the class of “gender identity.” Natalie, a young African-American college student, was offered a choice by Macy’s to change her mind or lose her position. She chose her principles over the job.

Throughout the summer months and “gay pride” season, Macy’s is making a different choice: to support the degradation of communities through events that are an insult to American families.

“This is nothing to be proud of,” Burress said, “and Macy’s should know better. Their customers certainly do.”

Macy’s corporate information describes the company as an outgrowth of Federated Department stores, operating both the Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s brands through 840 stores in 45 states, as well as international locations. The company has 172,500 employees.

You can view the list of the members of the board of directors here.

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