Obama Brings Shame to America


Over and above, to failed domestic policies such as the scarred and hapless mess known as Obamacare, frazzled foreign policy and the international mockery made of our military – something else is accruing to our nation under the Obama administration. That growing dark cloud now bearing down on this nation is clearly – shame.

We all, or most, would to God that we could bring all our bravest wounded warriors and fallen soldiers together in one place and tell them that their sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan is neither lost nor unappreciated in spite of a President who has opened the doors to international mockery by the release of five of the most murderous terrorists the world has ever known.

We would offer our apologies for every young person who may have once considered a career or service in our military, but now don’t want to be part of a pink army created by Obama’s dismissal of “Don’t ask – don’t tell.”

Next, we might gather all the entrepreneurs, investors and young capitalists who believe in Americas system of free enterprise, but are standing by watching the failed policies of the administration gobbling up taxpayer’s money, stifling business growth and wasting billions in bailouts. We would be hard pressed to encourage them to hold on, until better times were again on the horizon.

We would comfort those churches and ministers, Catholic and Protestant, who have not wandered off the narrow path and who are so willing to comfort us to hold to our faith in God and his precious Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The attack on their religious freedoms is inexcusable, unconstitutional, antichrist, un-biblical and unconscionable, and we all know it!

We would cry out in mournful concert to the coal miners and oil field workers who have been pushed to dark depths of economic despair – deeper than the mines they are so willing to enter at their own risk for the sake of their loved ones and families.

We would rush to the aid of our states which share borders with Mexico and are bearing the brunt of illegal immigration because of Obama’s lawlessness. The billions of dollars sent overseas to aid Muslim nations who are often sworn to our destruction, would be happily channeled to these states to help them offset the impossible burden to their respective economies.

Then, would be the rush to save our children from the onslaught of Common Core, HEW and LGBT irresponsibility which now endangers our children – from pre-school and up. We would remind those who think they are on the right path that the bible clearly declares that when a nation begins to disregard the morality, safety and even the lives (the unborn) of their own offspring the promise of scripture is that the demise and complete failure of that nation is perilously near.

Finally, we would stop pretending as do the gays, Godless, and government growers that we actually have something to be proud of in our choice for a pop-culture president who has singly done more to hurt and destabilize our nation than any other president in our history.

Because even Nixon had the good sense to resign when he was caught red handed and Bill Clinton, in the end, admitted to his lies and apologized to the nation we will not be able to cut Mr. Obama any slack. In fact, we may want to impeach, and if current matters about the Gitmo five, Benghazi and the IRS scandal are not resolved, we may be forced to bring him to trial for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Sadly, in the meantime, anyone who has ever loved this country is forced to lower their head in shame at the corruption and willful recalcitrance and degenerative actions of the president and his bevy of liberal lackeys who seem to think our once great nation is their personal playground.

We can seek out the latest designer fashions offered and promote all the perpetual entertainment and party pursuits of the un-Godly that this nation can produce, but for the moment the perception of good times is overshadowed by the reality of America’s shame. It is a dark and tattered garment we now adorn.

“They that hate thee shall be clothed with shame; and the dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nought.” (Job 8: 22)

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  • The Skeptical Chymist

    This is a lamentation worthy of Jeremiah! Such hyperbole! I wonder if Mr. Bresciani felt that Mr. Obama’s Republican predecessors in office brought shame to the country? I suspect that all is forgiven with them, since they had the same political persuasion as Mr. Bresciani.

    Invading a country where the weapons inspectors said there was no evidence of WMD? Is that not a shameful offense by G. W. Bush?

    Ignoring analyses by the Department of Energy showing that the aluminum tubes supposedly to be used in the centrifuges to separate uranium isotopes did not have the structural integrity to be up to the task? Instead, lying about them and making them an excuse to go to war? Is that not a shameful offense by G. W. Bush?

    Demanding that our guards at a marine base in Lebanon leave their guns unloaded, thereby leaving over 200 marines at the mercy of a truck bomber? Was that not a shameful offense by St. Ronald of Reagan? After that, the Republicans have the nerve to gin up a false outrage over Benghazi!

    The richest country in the world, where millions cannot get health care and the Republicans dead set against doing anything about it, even implementing their own plan? Is that not a shameful offense?

    There are plenty of offenses that the Obama administration deserves to be ashamed of. One is the refusal to prosecute the authors of the policy of torturing captured terrorists. Another is the use of the espionage act to prosecute individuals who exposed violations of law within the government. Another is the continuing support for intrusive governmental monitoring of all citizens, along with the interception of all electronic communications.

    These are real reasons why we should be ashamed of the Obama administration, not the reasons cited by Mr. Bresciani.

  • maccamcfc

    This man is a arse.

  • Azima Khan

    This article is a fine example of right-wing paranoia. Everything we don’t understand or like is coming for our children! Beware the secular, gay, Muslim, terrorist, communist president! It’s like he was going through a checklist