Aleister Crowley: Beast 666 – Hell’s Bells 2


Hell’s Bells 2: The Power and Spirit of Popular Music

“… perhaps the greatest documentary on any subject ever! Lives will change.” Ray Comfort – Internationally renowned author and evangelist

“…Movie Guide’s highest rating!”  Dr. Ted Baehr, Christian Film and Television Commission

Over three years in the making, this much-anticipated sequel to the original Hell’s Bells series weaves together science, satire, testimonies, parables, interviews, expansive research, and a vibrant Christian perspective to create a video series that is as fascinating as it is educational and evangelistic. Far more than just a commentary on the dangers of popular music, this eight-part, six-hour, up-to-the-minute documentary uncovers the “war of the worldviews” – the epic struggle between good and evil, sin and redemption for the souls of men and the destiny of our culture.

Great not only for evangelizing the lost and challenging Christians to greater holiness and service, it also serves as an outstanding primer on worldviews. Among other things, it features a fascinating history of the occult revivals that took place in the late 19th century (and that would later have such a profound impact in the 60s), an analysis of “chaos versus creation”, nihilism, what it means to be truly “satanic” and much, much more.  Using music as a diagnostic tool, Hell’s Bells 2 – The Power and Spirit of Popular Music examines the modern world, dusting it for the fingerprints of the men and ideas that have sought to dethrone God and set man up in His place.  Ideal for Bible study, family discussion, discipling young people (and older folks, too!), Sunday school class and cell groups, this is one video series that is guaranteed to provoke discussion, reflection, and, by God’s grace, changed lives.

This six-hour documentary series is broken into eight parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction – Foundations for Cultural Analysis; 19 minutes
  • Part 2: Sound & Fury – An Examination of the Power of Music; 50 minutes
  • Part 3: Heartbeats – Music’s Spiritual Connection; 30 minutes
  • Part 4: Notes from the Underground – The Occult History of Rock; 70 minutes
  • Part 5: Hearts of Darkness – Rebellion, Nihilism and Death; 48 minutes
  • Part 6: Mojo Rising – Satanic Sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll; 60 minutes
  • Part 7: Antichrist Superstars – Rock’s Ultimate Rebellion; 43 minutes
  • Part 8: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door; 48 minutes

Part 4 – Notes from the Underground was by itself worth the cost of the whole series. Incredible! I learned more about the origins of many of the insane ideas that guide our modern world than I did from seminary. Kudos to you and your outstanding research and production.”   Pastor Brady Clark, Atlanta, Georgia 

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