Arab/ Muslims–Mothers Of All Slavers– Owe Africans ‘Boku’ Reparations!


We hear Al Sharpton et al., every so often start whining about reparations. You’d think from their rhetoric that the slave trade began with America…

But the REAL culprits for Slavery…Arab Muslims…owe Africans “boku” bucks for not only enslaving them for centuries…but for CONTINUING to do so…

When Islam invaded and conquered Africa by the sword, the indigenous peoples that had previously prospered in Egypt, Nubia (southern Egypt and Sudan), Carthage (modern Libya, Tunisia and Algeria) and Mali were annihilated. Nothing escaped the rage of Islam…native populace and tribes were slaughtered by the millions, ousted and pushed to the south. Ibn Battuta, the Islamic historiographer, documents the extensive racism against Africans.

I’m beginning to see an urgent need for Arab/Muslim subventions to African nations…

Adding insult to injury, Islamists have made an art out of lying to those of African descent, that their roots in Africa are Muslim. The reason for that is…their Christian ancestors were forced into Islam (or slaughtered if they refused). THAT’S how all became Islamic. Arab culture and the Arab race became “native” to North and West Africa. (The sword is a powerful persuader.)

Arabs ravaged Africa for almost a millennium, enslaving Africans on a massive scale long before the Europeans began exporting black slaves. They owe Africa BIG time. As a matter of fact, to those who are interested in facts: They are STILL to this day, enslaving Africans as work/sex slaves. But who really cares about facts, these days…especially if Muslims are the perps…

OPEC now makes over $1 trillion a year on Oil. I think it only equitable for these Arab nations…who have enslaved, profited-from, and murdered millions of Africans…to now GIVE the descendants of those victims a cut of the profits.

It’s Africa’s fair share. It’s OPEC’s duty to give to those they’ve pillaged for centuries. It’s time to focus on the Mothers of all slavers.

I favor reparations for Africa: OPEC…cough it up from your coffers…and be glad I’m not suggesting this be done retroactively!

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