Cheerleading for Moral Decay


Every day I get half a dozen invitations to review books. Most of them are simply not germane to my work, and I just delete the emails.

But I was recently taken off guard by an example of towering moral idiocy. A publicist wanted me to review a book about the swell romance between “ a bisexual woman” and “a transgendered man.” The “man,” of course, is not a man at all, but merely a woman turned into a monstrosity by drugs and surgery. But the publicist described this poor, lost soul as “born female, but who became the man of her dreams.”

The whole nightmarish business is given a cute, perky, upbeat spin by barf-inducing quotes like this: “What’s a girl to do who’s been unlucky in love with both men and women?”

Uh… repent? Seek healing and salvation from God, whose Son died so that her soul might live, and rose again so that she might be risen, too?

Oh, no, no—perish the thought.

“New libertarian” readers have been telling me there’s no such thing as sin. Climb down off those archaic social issues. As long as the taxes are slashed and the government cut down to size, what else could possible matter? Let’s party!

But God did not create us to be a mass of squirming maggots with no thought but to gorge on rotten meat. He created us in His image, for eternal life. “Male and female created He them,” says the Bible. The trendy menu of “gender choices” is our own invention in a fallen world.

The “transgender” movement is picking up steam. Its purpose is to cut us off from God: we reject Him as the creator and go about the folly of pretending to create ourselves in whatever image suits our fancy. As always, we succumb to the temptation to be as gods. It was the first lie the Devil ever fed us, and it still works.

But it doesn’t turn us into gods. It only turns us into fools.

And here’s the publicist greasing the skids on his poor, confused client, inviting us to “celebrate” the shambles she’s making of her life. For her we must have pity; for him, contempt.

More than that, he’s convinced he’s righteous. “I think the Big Guy is on my side,” he told me in an email. By “Big Guy” he means God, who made the heavens and the earth. I’m the villain, the “hater.” He’s the hero, promoting sexual chaos. Evil is good and good is evil.

Meanwhile, I have news for my libertarian friends.

Kill the culture, and the economy dies.

A strong economy arises from a strong society, and a strong society is built on families. Weaken the family, and you undermine the whole society. Nations that are in a demographic death spiral, because they’ve stopped having babies, will eventually have not enough people to create wealth.

And it’s more than just not having babies. Children born out of wedlock, who grow up in some context other than the family, are not good at creating wealth or maintaining social order.

Where do such children get their notions of right and wrong? From street gangs. From schools staffed by antichristian teacher unions. From other fatherless kids. From amoral adults who don’t bother to get married. From movies, TV, video games, and debased music. From the welfare bureaucracy. The only law they know is the coercive law of the state—which is no law at all, as long as a policeman is not watching you.

In a dangerous and complex world, America is in dire need of moral re-armament. Unless we have enough policemen to watch all of us, all the time, a lawless people will be lawless. And who’ll be watching the cops? They’ll be recruited from the same lawless mass they’re supposed to be controlling.

The only law then will be the law of force.

You can’t have a civilization built on “gender” nonsense, any more than we could build a Tower of Babel reaching up to heaven. We can’t be as gods: it simply isn’t in us.

But we can certainly be failed gods who’ve made a mess of everything they’ve touched, and subjected ourselves to incalculable and totally unnecessary suffering. Someone will have to pick up the pieces and start over. History is littered with the ruins of civilizations that have destroyed themselves. We’ve just found new ways of doing it. We repeat all the sins of our fathers, and indulge in sins that our fathers never thought of.

Let the perky publicist be a cheerleader for moral meltdown. There’s no way to stop him.

But in God’s name, let us not go with him.

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  • Phil Heinricke

    It’s sad that people like this seek fulfillment in perversity because so-called Christians in America present Jesus in such a hateful way.

    • Azima Khan

      What’s perverse about fighting depression? You’re really stretching that word.

  • peteykins

    So what are you going to do about it?

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Some statistics about the Homosexual lifestyle:

    • One study reports 70% of homosexuals admitting to having sex only one time with over 50% of their partners (3).

    • One study reports that the average homosexual has between 20 and 106 partners per year (6). The average heterosexual has 8 partners in a lifetime.

    • Many homosexual sexual encounters occur while drunk, high on drugs, or in an orgy setting (7).

    • garybryson

      serial spammer ray ray is at it again

    • OnlyMyHumbleOpinion

      1. Ray: copy/paste, copy/paste.
      2. Me: Where is your evidence?
      3. Ray: I told you long ago.
      4. Me: Can’t find it. Where do you get your numbers?
      5. Ray: You’re stupid.
      6. Me: SMH

      Rinse, Repeat.

      • Rob T

        I think it’s hilarious he can’t even bother to edit out the citation numbers from his cut-and-paste quotes.

    • Emelye Waldherr

      Ray, trans people are dealing with identity issues, not who they are attracted to. Gender identity is about who you are, sexual orientation is about who you love. When you post and repost this kind of stuff on discussion threads about trans people, you’re only proving to everyone else how clueless you are being.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Many homosexuals don’t pay heed to warnings of their lifestyles: “Knowledge of health guidelines was quite high, but this knowledge had no relation to sexual behavior” (16).

    • Homosexuals got homosexuality removed from the list of mental illnesses in the early 70s by storming the annual American Psychiatric Association (APA) conference on successive years. “Guerrilla theater tactics and more straight-forward shouting matches characterized their presence” (2). Since homosexuality has been removed from the APA list of mental illnesses, so has pedophilia (except when the adult feels “subjective distress”) (27).

    • garybryson

      spamtastic! keep up your lies for christ…they are only helping our side…

      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

        This is in your future.

        • Phillip Lightweis-Goff

          You’re threatening to toss people into a fire pit while wearing a dress? For pity’s sake, barbwire… send this guy’s info to the authorities before someone gets hurt!

          • Keith Davidson

            Is that a picture of your great grandfather tweaking his nipple while wearing a union uniform? No wonder your ok with boys being girls and girls being boys.

          • Phillip Lightweis-Goff

            Heh… And yet, that man made the South scream like a dying rabbit.

          • Matthew T. Mason

            No, doofus. The person that is going to do that is you. And you seem to be asking for it to happen a lot sooner than later.

        • Rob T

          Why are you trying to portray your God as a sadistic monster?

        • Alencon

          Oh look, he has a mythology comic book.

    • Alencon

      What you say about pedophilia is not true. That’s only the first prong. It’s an “OR” statement. The full text of the statement is in order for atypical sexual behavior to be classified as a mental condition a person must:

      1. Feel personal distress about their interest, not merely distress resulting from society’s disapproval; or

      2. have a sexual desire or behavior that involves another person’s psychological distress, injury, or death, or a desire for sexual behaviors involving unwilling persons or persons unable to give legal consent.

      The key here is “persons unable to give legal consent” which would include all forms of pedophilia.

      • Zohydro

        Is there a single gay-rights group that endorses age-of-consent laws?

        When homosexual “marriage” was legalised in the Netherlands, and again later in Canada, the ages of consent had to be raised because it was soon realised that it was then “open season” on minors for homosexuals!

        One wonders if Dutch and Canadian homosexuals privately consider their homosexual ‘marriage” laws something of a pyrrhic victory now..

        • Alencon

          It doesn’t matter if they endorse them or not; they’re stuck with them in any event. The age of consent in the US varies by state between 16, 17 and 18.

          In some states the age of consent is higher for homosexual sex and in some it’s different depending upon gender but in no case is it lower than 16 or higher than 18.

          In Canada the age is 16 (raised from 14 in 2008) for normal sex but 18 for unmarried anal sex (lowered from 21 in the late 1980s).

          Personally I think 16 is way too low and prefer 18 across the board myself, but I’m something of a prude.

        • Truth Offends

          NOTE: In his/her reply to your post, Alencon acknowledges that “anal sex” is not the same thing as “normal sex”!
          When commenting about age of consent laws, Alencon said the following:
          “In Canada the age is 16 (raised from 14 in 2008) for normal sex but 18 for unmarried anal sex (lowered from 21 in the late 1980s).”

  • OnlyMyHumbleOpinion

    Mr. Duigon: Bigotry is not a culture.

    • thisoldspouse

      Your “bigotry”, our cultural values, upheld our culture for more than 200 years. Amazing that that could be possible.

      • OnlyMyHumbleOpinion

        That’s like saying “slavery made our country great!” Delusional.

  • Phillip Lightweis-Goff

    “Seek healing and salvation from God, whose Son died so that her soul might live, and rose again so that she might be risen, too?”

    —Pffft… that’s the worst tripe ever conceived by man, Lee.

    • Keith Davidson

      It will take you all of about 1/10 of a nano-second into eternity to realize how tragically wrong you are about Christ and Christianity and to realize that 1/10 of a nano-second ago you still had a chance to change your mind.

      • Phillip Lightweis-Goff

        If that’s the actual foundation of the universe, then why would any right-thinking person change their mind?

        Your hitherto fictional God is a glory-whore who deserves nothing but our contempt and defiance.

        • Matthew T. Mason

          I do not think I have ever seen anyone deliberately ask for the wrath of God to be laid upon them.

          Be careful what you wish for, pal.

          • garybryson

            If your holy man existed that would be one thing but he doesn’t

          • Keith Davidson

            You will meet Him. In person. I promise.

          • Phillip Lightweis-Goff

            Lies upon lies, Davy.

          • Phillip Lightweis-Goff

            Again, this god’s existence has neither been shown, nor been shown to be knowable at all. And if this cosmic dictator did happen to exist… why shouldn’t EVERYONE reject such a filthy thing as ‘Him’?

          • Keith Davidson

            “Again, this god’s existence has neither been shown, nor been shown to be knowable at all.”
            Hmm, rather similar to the “theory” of evolution, isn’t it?
            You yourself are a miracle of creation. Nature all around you declares the glory of Almighty God. You see His handiwork everywhere and yet you claim there is no evidence of Him? Why, herein is a startlingly amazing thing! God’s signature is upon everything, right down to the sub-atomic particle and your eyes miss His amazing creative power. The universe itself is an incredible symphony of balance and order, which science itself says cannot occur out of chaos. Lifelessness cannot beget life, my friend. “Somethingness” cannot come from nothingness. For the necessary elements of life to come together, it required movement, but in nothingness, there can be no movement.
            Besides, atheists have yet to give a logical answer to where the amino acids and other proteins and the carbon molecules, and all those elements came from. Instead, you go into apoplectic fits when you’re pinned down for an answer. Interesting too, because you accuse believers of resorting to fiction for lack of answers. LOL!! Hypocrites all!

          • Phillip Lightweis-Goff

            “Hmm, rather similar to the “theory” of evolution, isn’t it?”

            —Not in the slightest; evolution is a well-confirmed theory about empirical phenomena, unlike your fanciful god-thing.

            “You yourself are a miracle of creation. Nature all around you declares the glory of Almighty God. You see His handiwork everywhere…”

            —No… I see confluences of matter and energy that do not need any god to be wondrous.

            “The universe itself is an incredible symphony of balance and order, which science itself says cannot occur out of chaos.”

            —‘Science’ says no such thing.

            “Lifelessness cannot beget life, my friend.”

            —Abiogenesis is a different matter… that itself is well-supported currently.

            “”Somethingness” cannot come from nothingness.”

            —What is ‘nothingness’? No scientist claims any knowledge of such non-things.

            “For the necessary elements of life to come together, it required movement, but in nothingness, there can be no movement.”

            —This sounds like William Lane Craig explaining Aquinas and Paley through hundreds of people in a grapevine… it was hopeless garble to begin with, but after… erg.

            “Besides, atheists have yet to give a logical answer to where the amino acids and other proteins and the carbon molecules, and all those elements came from.”

            —Simple elements and compounds, with the addition of ample energy. If you had one ounce of acumen or curiosity, you would long ago have read up on these subjects. Alas… you’re just a useless christofascist lump.

      • The Skeptical Chymist

        It always seems that the Christians who say things like you have just said are so so eager to see unbelievers tortured for all eternity. Of course such treatment is the hallmark of a truly loving God isn’t it? Provide no evidence of your existence, and then torture those who don’t accept you for all eternity. I could never worship a god with that concept of justice and morality. What a colossal sadist!

        • Keith Davidson

          And it always seems that atheists who say things like what you just said base their comments on pure assumption. Why do you assume so much? I am neither “eager” to see you face that judgment, nor am I of the belief that when one’s soul is cast into Hell that you are burning in torment for all eternity. The bible clearly speaks of the “Second Death” that comes after judgment. It’s not about punishment. It’s about cause and effect. You do not want eternal life? Fine. You won’t have it. Also, you can’t possibly be so lacking in critical thinking skills that you expect God to force Heaven upon you when you have spent a lifetime rejecting Him and ridiculing and berating His people….can you? You’ve made your choices regarding the existence of God. Is it too much to ask that you not spend so much of your time and energy battling against someone whom you think doesn’t exist? You’d save yourself a lot of trouble. And as far as proof of God’s existence? Please. If you’re not smart enough to look around you and conclude that design requires a designer, well….I don’t have any more to offer you.

        • Matthew T. Mason

          It always seems that the Christians who say things like you have just said are so so eager to see unbelievers tortured for all eternity.

          No, we mention it as a warning. You merely refuse to heed it.

          Provide no evidence of your existence

          And what would be satisfactory to you? Physically coming down and walking, talking among us? He already did that. And not only that, before He went back to heaven, He died for our sins. Mine, yours, everyone’s.

          You wish to make the foolish assumption God just wants to send people to hell. Actually, the opposite is true:

          The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.(2 Peter 3:9 KJV)

          God, in His wisdom, gave us free will. It was man that chose to turn from Him and do wicked things. No, it is not God that sends us to hell and eternal damnation. We do that ourselves.

  • fredk

    When the US destroys itself, gay marriage will not be the reason.

    • thisoldspouse

      I agree. Counterfeiting marriage is just a symptom.

  • Azima Khan

    Once again there is no citation given for why this man is bigoted towards trans people. His fellow Christians should charge him with Heresy. Trans people are doing nothing out of line with your “Biblical” teachings, and doing nothing that somehow harms society.

    Another angry man who is scared to learn something new. Nothing new here.

  • Emelye Waldherr

    Mr Duigon referring to the Bible in his screed against transgender people reminds me how many so called thought leaders in the christianist right wing have little idea about what the Bible really says, except for the verses that confirm their preconceptions and prejudices. Why is it so hard for people to consider that God made some people transsexual, the same way he made other people more visibly intersex? He quotes Genesis, ““Male and female created He them,” he writes, never realizing it says “and” and not “or.” At least he didn’t drag out Deut. 22:5, probably because he read the rest of the chapter which tells us in verses 28-29 that virgins who were raped should be forced to marry their rapists.

    There is NO biblical condemnation anywhere against a person changing their sex. None. Mr Duigon is incorrect in his reasoning.

    He also raises the question of morality and claims that transgender people are immoral, going against God. How is it immoral? Who is being involuntarily harmed when a person transitions from the sex/gender they were assigned at birth (based on a guess made after a quick glance between the baby’s legs) to one that more closely fits the person’s inner identity?

    Changing sex/gender is not called a sin in the Bible. It isn’t mentioned. Changing sex/gender does no inherent harm. It’s not immoral. So I have to ask: Why all this almost hysterical propaganda?

    • Emelye Waldherr

      PS – where did they find such a stupid picture to illustrate this editorial? It certainly doesn’t reflect what real trans women look like.

      • Keith Davidson

        Congratulations! You have achieved top honors in the Class of the most Colossally stupid and Biblically illiterate human beings on the face of the Earth. Rarely do I ever get more than a fleeting glimpse of someone so insanely adept at demonstrating their eagerness to show what a single digit IQ can do to destroy one’s own life
        and erase any hope of salvation.

        Let’s begin, shall we?

        You: “Why is it so hard for people to consider that God made some people transsexual, the same way he made other people more visibly intersex?”

        Here’s why. Because God does not “make people transexual”. That is a specific and physical act, whether you believe it is a sin or not, which is committed by the transexual themselves. God didn’t hold them down and force the surgery upon them, any more than He would force a transvestite to wear gender specific clothing of
        the opposite sex. Now if by “intersex” what you meant was hermaphrodite”, that is something beyond the person’s control and is an entirely different argument. One that I will be glad to educate you on, as well. But let’s stay on topic for now.

        Your thinking is entirely illogical and lacks any evidence of forethought. God does not make a person one thing, and then set all the rules in opposition to what He made them. You are so monumentally confused, it could take a lifetime to unravel the mess you or someone has made of your brain. Let’s move on.

        Read Deuteronomy again.
        I have a feeling you got lost way before you started reading the chapter and decided to whip out your weaponized ignorance. It clearly shows that the one being “forced” is not the rape victim, but the rapist. Nice try, but if you can’t be honest in your bigotry then why bother? I mean, if you have to use deception to advance your belief then maybe your belief is incorrect, right?

        And believe it or not, since it was God who invented the human brain, He does actually expect that you use it. The rapist, it is clearly insinuated, would be under the strictest scrutiny, as anyone knowledgable in the jewish culture (or who simply has any skill and ability at critical thinking) should know. That person would know that he is very fortunate to have gotten that particular judgment and not much, much worse. He also would know that to
        mistreat his new bride would be to endanger his own life. In other words, his stupid decision to commit such a heinous crime is met with “him” being forced to deal with the consequences.

        Modern man has a stunted view of God’s intended purpose for sex, as is evidence by the filth we see in the world today, not the least of which is rape, incest, and of course LGBT. God took every care in attempting to make man aware of his misperceptions and to remove these horrible sins from the Earth before they became widespread. But man, in his folly and ignorance, and in his lust, would not be taught.

        As far as the rest of your tripe about there being nothing in the Bible to show the immorality of LGBT and all the other unnatural desires and sexual deviance in the world, You might try actually reading the Bible instead of cherry-picking scripture, then deliberately taking it out of context and/or misinterpreting it. And stop letting other people fill your head with nonsense. The Bible is replete with examples on the subject of sexual behavior. But to make it simple for you, all you have to do is go to the 6th book in the New Testament called “Romans”. Read the first chapter. You’ll learn all about people who profess themselves to be wise and in so doing become fools and it talks A-A-ALL about sexual deviance and sin. Romans the 1st chapter is a good starting point for you to educate yourself on God’s will for mankind on this subject since it is apparently one of such interest to you. You should get yourself on the right side of the whole sin issue and stop trying to defend what is literally a “lost” cause.
        You have yourself a blessed day, ok? Oops, sorry. Have a “nice” day.

        • Emelye Waldherr

          “God does not ‘make people transexual’ [sic]. That is a specific and physical act, whether you believe it is a sin or not, which is committed by the transexual [sic] themselves.”

          You seem to be suffering from a really big misapprehension there. Trans people get surgery because they were born transgender. The surgery just treats the condition. It doesn’t turn people into transsexuals.

          “Your thinking is entirely illogical and lacks any evidence of forethought. God does not make a person one thing, and then set all the rules in opposition to what He made them.”

          What rules are those? The ones humans made up as our culture developed? They aren’t biblical rules since the Bible says nothing about people changing their sex. You’re confusing tradition, man made norms and mores with God’s rules, it seems. That won’t fly, sorry.

          “Read Deuteronomy again.
          I have a feeling you got lost way before you
          started reading the chapter and decided to whip out your weaponized ignorance. It clearly shows that the one being ‘forced’ is not the rape victim, but the rapist.”

          Really? LoL! So, you think women, or girls for that matter, being married to the person who raped them are not being forced? Wow!

          Your first three points are so ludicrous that I’m not going to waste my time with the rest. You are obviously completely committed to your ignorance and bias, not only against trans people but also with a hefty dose of misogyny added to it. That you opened your screed with a blatant ad hominem attack proves that you have no intention of discussing this issue in good faith, or even in a rational manner. Good day.

          • Keith Davidson

            /trænsˈdʒɛndər, trænz‐/ Show Spelled [trans-jen-der, tranz‐] Show IPA

            a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, as a transsexual or habitual cross-dresser.
            adjective Also, trans·gen·dered.
            being, pertaining to, or characteristic of a transgender or transgenders: the transgender movement.
            So now, tell me again which one of us is “suffering from a really big misapprehension”?
            Your “misapprehension” only lends further credence to my point of view. As does your colossal illiteracy of Biblical text and your monumental lack of understanding how God’s law came into the world and how this nation’s laws as well as those of many other nation’s are fashioned after them. Amazing how you jumped right in using the Bible as your reference, and now suddenly you don’t seem so anxious to throw around more scriptures to defend your point of view. Why is that? Hmm? Why? Care to explain yourself? Didn’t think so.

            So in your odd little universe, an entire planet of people over the course of multiple millennia- oh, and God too, are all wrong….and you are right. No that won’t fly, sorry. Nice job accusing me of ignorance and especially misogyny out of a total inability, or unwillingness to see someone else’s point of view. You conveniently skip over my explanation of how that was carried out, and of course, completely ignoring your own ignorance of the culture of that people in that day. But then, to stay on topic and to observe all the details is not conducive to your inflammatory and incendiary, not to mention insanely inaccurate assumptions. Then in an amazing, even acrobatic maneuver of hypocrisy you say it is I who am not willing to debate in good faith which is what I’ve done from the beginning. I have called the entire subject what it is. And you have ducked, dodged and avoided the truth, which is that this is a moral issue and not a congenital one. The problem with your argument is that you have absolutely nothing but conjecture and hypothesis and personal experience as a transgender or an obvious connection to someone of that ilk. That and a strong desire not to address the issue where it can be more effectively addressed; in the moral/ethical arena. You’ve bought into the clever way LGBT’s have of absolving themselves of the guilt by trying to make it into something that it is not. Everyone knows that LGBT is a matter of choice not genetics. And no one knows that better than LGBT’s themselves.
            Good evening, sir or ma’am…..or perhaps both.

          • Emelye Waldherr


      • Keith Davidson

        That’s because “real” trans women have a warped view of both the world and themselves. Trust me, that indeed IS what trannies look like.

        • Emelye Waldherr

          I’ve seen a lot more trans women than you have, obviously, and my experience points 180º away from yours, if you are indeed speaking from experience.

          “Tra**y” is a pejorative slur and I’ll thank you not to use it.

          • Keith Davidson

            Thank me all you want. I’ll speak as I will.

          • Emelye Waldherr

            Of course you will. You care nothing for civil discourse.

          • jillybean

            I didn’t know it was offensive, and I hope I have not used it. Thank you for letting me know.

      • thisoldspouse

        Believe me, I saw an entire city council chamber full of serious “transgenders,” and they looked every bit as ridiculous.

  • Elle Goff

    So, let me get this straight, there are about 1.5 million transgendered folk in the US, in a population of around 300 million and we are going to cause the moral decay of our society? Wow, feel the power.

    I think I would match my morality with yours any day. At least I don’t spread lies and make unsubstantiated and hysterical claims about a very small minority of people whom despite our differences, are pretty much the same as anyone else. We just want to live our lives, make what contributions we can to society and get along, like anyone else does. My transition was a personal journey, to correct what was, to me, a birth defect. The hardest part of the whole process was having to put up with the uninformed and ignorant who saw it as an opportunity to degrade and insult another thinking, feeling human being.

    Do you really think you know everything there is to know about biology, endocrinology, neurology and the other fields necessary to give an informed opinion on the subject of sex and gender, which, if you’re not aware of, are two separate things. ? Do you hold a PHD and have done studies in the field?

    For me, well I’ll not pretend to have more than my own personal experiences to guide me. I’ve known tansgendered folk who are, if this diatribe of yours is any indication, far better Christians than you seem to be. They understand that Jesus came with a message of love and charity, a message to unite people in his name, no matter what their differences.

    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, that was what he said. Now if you want others to insult you, call you names, make wild accusations and slander your character, then I guess that’s how it will be, to which I can only say that I pity you if that’s how you want to be treated.

  • Jack Brown

    Mr. Duignon, please let me know if you find any libertarians or “new libertarians” (in scare quotes, even!) who are swayed by your straw-men arguments and empty sloganeering.

    Your understanding of libertarianism seems to be slightly less sophisticated than your average leftist diarist on The Daily Kos. The only thing missing from your laughable rant is the standard request that libertarians move to Somalia.

  • Rita OLink

    My goodness!! … It’s a good thing that the transgender movement is gaining steam.
    This sort of small mindedness needs to recede into the shadows.
    Just look at the picture and see how this person views his fellow human beings…
    Thankfully Lee speaks for an ever decreasing group of mean spirited, small minded individuals. We as a society are better than that …. and it is beginning to show.
    Now as for all the “God stuff” ……. no …. Lee does not speak for God….
    That is a “Brainy Smurf melds with Gargamel” mentality.
    You will not take our spirituality from us! Get this! …. God loves us too! …. just the way God created us!
    You don’t like us out there in public enjoying the very same rights that you have Lee?
    Just wait! …. we are not close to done!
    I will be sitting in a pew next to you …. worshipping the God I love and who loves me …. and I will be doing it with a grateful and thankful heart … unashamed of how I have been created.
    Keep an eye on your pew Lee ….. I will share a hymn book with you…

    • thisoldspouse

      Why did you choose the name “Rita,” sir?

      • Rita OLink

        Your avatar here says quite a lot…. not equal…..
        Anyways … to answer your question …
        I chose the my name in honour of a wonderful woman that influenced my life while I was growing up.
        I am not a “sir” … I am a woman….
        Your small minded remark cannot touch that… nor will you entirely misinformed “so called facts” to the contrary….
        Medical science and psychological science have already made that quite clear …. that debate is over

  • Guest

    This is what a homosexual considers an erudite argument note the brilliant rebuttal and cited facts he uses

  • Sanford Sklansky

    from Ed Brayton’s blog

    Really? He actually thinks the “purpose” of trans people is to “cut
    us off from God”? One transgender woman I know is actually an
    Episcopalian priest. Duigon obviously doesn’t know any trans people, but
    he’s sure he knows their “purpose.” I’ll take presumptuous bullshit for
    $1000, Alex. And why does he think this is a moral issue at all?
    Because his morality is locked in place by a book, most of which was
    written thousands of years ago (and which says absolutely nothing about
    trans people at all, by the way).

    I think morality is solely about how our actions affect others.
    Whether someone is gay, bi, trans, straight or anything else has nothing
    to do with whether they are moral or not. If they aren’t harming
    someone else or violating their rights, they’re not being immoral — and
    it doesn’t matter what a bigot imagines his God to think about it.